Over the last few years, manufacturer interest in self-driving cars has intensified. Some models seem ready to launch relatively soon. Others seem to be much farther in the future (such as an Apple self-driving car).

With the growing fascination and media coverage of self-driving cars, we thought we’d highlight a few YouTube videos on this technology.

Question for YOU: Will self-driving cars be more popular than electric cars in the long run?







19 Replies to “The Self-Driving Car: Coming Tomorrow Or in 2020+?”

  1. It is without a doubt that self-driving cars will change the entire world in the very near future. I believe that self-driving cars will be more popular than electric cars in the long run. The main reasons why someone would purchase an electric car is to save money on gas and make a positive impact on the environment. But self-driving cars can do so much more than that. As stated in the videos, self-driving cars will prevent up to 200 billion dollars in just one decade from the costs associated with accidents. I believe that a car that can save time, lives, and money, is going to be very popular to consumers. The only concern that I have is about safety and whether or not car manufacturers will be able to do enough testing to completely eliminate malfunctions before releasing models to the public.

    1. I agree that self driving cars could help, but personally I don’t like the idea. Driving is an experience that everyone should be able to enjoy. Also, so many what ifs arise with this invention. What if the computer mechanism fails and hits another car? Who will be liable? Ive never been a fan of self-driving cars.

  2. I personally find this mind-blowing! A self-driving car? Like I feel a children’s fairy tale story couldn’t even dream this one up! As a whole, I feel a self-driving car is an amazing idea and will one day highly revolutionize the world. As of what I have heard so far, there seem to be so many pros including saving lives, money, etc. I do understand that people have a concern for safety, but everything has flaws in it one way or another. I feel this invention needs a whole lot of testing first, but we must remember that humans too have accidents and nothing is perfect! I also feel this is a life-altering invention for people who have disabilities either mental or physical and cannot operate a vehicle. This opens new doors to those individuals and just that alone I feel is a wonderful thing!

    1. Excellent point on the benefit for individuals with Disabilities!
      This could be a great marketing point for the product.

  3. The self driving car is one of the most impressive inventions I’ve ever seen. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say, “If only this car can drive itself.” It will only benefit the world. It saves money, time, and most importantly lives. There’s also the social benefit. This driverless car lessens travel time so individuals can instead use their time for more important things, like working, doing activities they love, and spending time with friends and family. There is no doubt in my mind that self-driving cars will be more popular than electric cars, especially will all the social media that’s out there covering the topic. Electric cars are already out, and I only know two people that own them, and I’ve also not seen too much promoting of them either. Self- driving cars, on the otherhand, are raved about everywhere, so most likely when they finally come out people are going to snatch them up.

  4. In my opinion in comes down to one thing, selfish benefits.
    Electric cars are not cheap, therefore people don’t buy them to save money. The electric car’s target is to reduce pollution on the environment. While this is important, unfortunately many are still not educated on the long term effects of pollution and its really secondary thoughts when making a choice of car to buy.
    Self-Driving cars, on the other hand, save something that we all feel the need to have… MORE TIME! Everyone “needs” more time for either family, friends, work, or themselves.
    Based on these points, I believe the self-driving car will be more popular than electric cars (until they hurt someone because of the lack of infrastructure and/or testing, but that’s another topic).

  5. I personally feel that self-driving cars are going to be the most popular invention in the near future. If people have the option of an electric car or a self-driving car I feel that most of the time people would pick the self-driving car. The videos state that they are safer. They reduce accidents cause by distracted driving and many other things. I think that self-driving cars will be more popular than electric cars in the long run because not only can self-driving cars be more efficient for the world it self they would be safer too.

    1. I definitely have to agree with the points you make here. Self-driving cars would definitely be safer since a lot of accidents today are caused by reckless driving, such as speeding or texting while driving. We seem to forget that we are not indestructible and doing these mindless acts can not only hurt others but ourselves as well. There can still be negatives to self-driving cars, however, like hacking or the elimination of jobs in the public transportation sector since there would no longer be a need for them as a result. Also, if there were to be a car accident, who would be held liable? The computer in the car or the person?

  6. The speaker on the David Pakman Show presents some interesting statistics that would result from the widespread use of autonomous vehicles. He states that 300,000 lives per decade could be saved in the United States alone, and the rate of vehicular accidents could decrease by 90%. I think these benefits are more important than the others, such as economic benefits. Switching to autonomous vehicles would definitely be worth it, in theory, if it could decrease the number of lives lost in motor vehicle accidents. However, I do not think people would voluntarily switch to self-driving cars. I personally would prefer to drive myself somewhere, rather than having a vehicle drive for me. I would just feel safer being in control of the vehicle, even though according to statistics it would be a false sense of security. I think most people would agree with this. Without some sort of governmental mandate for self-driving cars, I think self-driving vehicles will be even less popular than electric vehicles.

  7. Obviously self-driving cars with change the world, but personally, I don’t love the idea as a whole. Financially, I think the idea is awesome since these cars will prevent up to 200 billion dollars in just one decade from the costs associated with accidents, but safety wise, I’m very hesitant to fully trust any type of testing that is done with these cars. We can’t forget that humans have accidents, so these cars will obviously not be 100% accident free, but the level of control you have over it with humans is different. I’m excited because something so unbelievable will be created in my lifetime, but it will take a lot of testing and customer reviews for me to get near one.

  8. I do believe self-drive car that must be a tendency in the not so far future, because there have several functions in self-drive car that are really effective and helpful to solve inevitable problems. Like fatigue driving, people are hard to keep themselves have invigorated during driving, when you are fatigue driving, the judgement ability to drop, easy unresponsive and operating the fault, and the traffic accident due to the fatigue driving is increasing year by year. Of course there have many other causes like speeding, overloading and failing to obey traffic rules are also the main reason for the accident. So self-drive car can control and decrease the accident rate, this is real revolution to humans.

  9. With the leaps and bounds that technology has been making in the past decades, it’s not at all surprising that self-driving cars are soon making their way into the markets. With the many benefits self-driving cars can offer in terms of safety and solving problems, it seems as though that these cars can be part of a safer, more sustainable future for the automobile industry. As human error is the main factor in many vehicle accidents, self-driving cars eliminate that risk and make it generally safer for drivers everywhere.

  10. I believe that the creation of new self driving vehicles is way too far. Engineers have a great challenge, not only how to make the car drive but how to avoid accidents. Self-driving cars are the future but is way too far from today technology. I personally think that they should focus all their efforts to make them right and efficient and hopefully be able to have these cars out in the market soon. I will ant to have one for sure.

  11. I think self-driving cars could be very beneficial to society if there wasn’t the possibility of these cars getting hacked into. I think it would be great to reduce a majority of accidents on the road, but since these cars rely heavily on technology I’m sure people could easily find a way to hack into them and take control of the vehicle. Although there are many benefits, I think it is also very dangerous to have self-driving cars for computer hacking reasons.

  12. With the development of science and technology, intelligent automation technology will be more and more perfect, people will have more choice, I think in the future, manual drive will like riding bicycle to become the fun of people, rather than a necessary way of traffic

  13. I love and hate the idea of a self driving car. First reason, its so freaking cool. Second reason I love the idea because it could actually be beneficial for people with disabilities. People who may have lost a limb or have metal disabilities. I don’t like this idea because are we that lazy that we cannot drive our own cars? The world is becoming too technology dependent, it would be so easy to hack the car and do so much damage.

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