Over the last several years, Xerox has dramatically transformed itself from a company reliant on imaging/copying products to a firm that is much diversified:

“Xerox is best known for the innovation we brought to the sharing of information. Invented just over 75 years ago, xerography dramatically scaled the way organizations could communicate. It solved a major barrier to the way organizations shared information, yielding a range of operational benefits. It remains a core communication technology in every business, government office and educational institution today. Since then, Xerox innovation has been at the core of today’s digital world – from the invention of some of the earliest personal computers to being instrumental in 3-D print-head technology. And today, that same mission to apply technology and innovation to improve business process and workflow is relevant to a range of functional domains across almost every industry.”

One of the latest marketing campaigns from Xerox is “Work Can Work Better.” As the company notes:

“The world of business is abuzz with solutions like the IOT (internet of things), big data and the cloud. Yet, the reality is that despite increased investments, productivity is declining and business outcomes have never been harder to achieve. The next frontier of enterprise transformation and global progress is improving the work itself, and that is where Xerox is uniquely positioned to help people, process and technology work better together. So work can work better, with Xerox.”


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  1. I think this is dramatic. Xerox is a specific company’s copying process–Xerox is the name. You don’t need a Xerox machine to be able to copy, print, 3-d print, or whatever else. This is just like when people say ‘Kleenex’ instead of ’tissue’ or even ‘Band-Aid’ instead of an adhesive bandage. I think Xerox is unnecessary–its a company of a specific tool, it is just a marketing success.

  2. I do believe that Xerox is very successful and has strategically built a business for itself. I feel Xeroxing has truly helped and revolutionized the business world and even everyday life for the average Joe. As the article mentions, it allows for an efficient and effective way to transmit data and information to multiple destinations without the use of timely labor. I feel its success is measured within its name as people refer to the actual process as Xerox when in reality it is just a brand name. Hence, Xerox has been able to solidify itself as a strong enough business to make this possible which is highly impressive!

  3. I do agree that over the years, Xerox has brought unbelievable innovation to businesses, creating an extraordinary reputation for itself. Xerox is not only present in the workplace, though. There are normal, everyday users of Xerox products. I think a major point made in this article is by the company, stating “…the reality is that despite increased investments, productivity is declining and business outcomes have never been harder to achieve.” At first, this article struck me as a little dramatic, but once I thought about it, any successful business has Xerox involvement. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this company and how it will be beneficial to me in my professional career.

  4. I am don’t know more about Xerox, but through the introduction above, i think that Xerox indeed helping our work and life, and also make a success for itself. all the technologies mentioned by the article are all dramatic change the world, and improve the business environment. and sharing information always the best happy things for me.

  5. Enterprise transformation and global progress is where all companies should put all their energy. Companies need to expand and by doing it globally it creates more opportunities for achievement and success. That is what Xerox is doing, is positioning itself as a brand that cares about transformation and future progress. They are focusing on working effectively by using their technology to create a huge enterprise and be global.

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