CareerHMO is a career development firm. It offers a number of free resources, as well as paid career coaching.

For those just embarking on a career after college, it provides a FREE four-video series called “4 Phases to Getting a Job After College”:

Video #1: Rookie Mistake New Grads Make

Video #2: Secret to Standing Out

Video #3: How to Find the Hidden Job Market

Video #4: Are You a Champion or a Quitter?

Click the image below to access these videos.


4 Replies to “A CareerHMO Video Series on Getting a Job After College”

  1. Applying to the workforce seems like a scary, foreign idea to college students, especially me, as it makes me realize it’s time for the real world. I find this post to be so helpful because as a junior, I’m almost finishing up my time at Hofstra. These videos provide such helpful tools about considering myself like a business to appeal to employers. I found the second video especially beneficial because the job market for Journalists is especially very competitive, and these tools can help me stand out against those also applying for the job as well. I am currently writing cover letters for internships I’m applying to, and the video explains to try not to be so stuffy and consider them more as “introduction letters”, which I had never considered to do.

  2. During college, everyone wants to get out because of the stress and pressures that come from the workload, but life after college is definitely not a walk in the park. Time passes in the blink of an eye and believe it or not, job hunting must start during college in order to really be prepared to get a job after graduation. I think the 4th video was the most beneficial. Out of the four things suggested, I loved the reward system the most. Everyone deserves to be happy and act as their own boss. The job-hunt process doesn’t have to be miserable, it just always has a negative connotation to it.

  3. As college students, we often like to live in the moment and thinking about life and a real job after graduating, seems like a foreign and scary idea. That is why I think this is a very good idea. Being that after we graduate college we don’t really know where to begin, as far as career and job opportunities go, we need some help planning. How-to videos on career planning will speak to a plethora of individuals and will be a great stepping stool on how to begin job searching.

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