We know that business-to-business marketers often operate in a different business space than business-to-consumer companies — in terms of customers, suppliers, distribution channels, media, and so on.  Nonetheless, B2B businesses can learn from their B2C colleagues and vice versa.

Consider these observations from Derek Singleton, writing for MarketingProfs: “I think some of the best B2B marketers are not only thinking like B2C marketers but also borrowing marketing strategies that have already proven successful in the consumer world. In the tech sector, borrowing from the consumer world has been dubbed the ‘consumerization of IT.’ In my view, we’re also starting to see the consumerization of B2B marketing. That is, B2B marketing — at least in the tech world — is starting to mirror the simple marketing, transparent pricing, and frictionless buying process of the B2C world. Although this trend is still developing, several ways that B2B companies can borrow strategies from the consumer world are already evident.”

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