Here are some excerpts from a very interesting article (“Easy, no-install desktop sharing with Join.Me”) by Dave Johnson for CBS MoneyWatch. What do you think of the privacy and ethical considerations of Join.Me?

Dave was responding to his dad’s request for PC help from 3,000 miles away:

“I tried Join.Me. I’m a little surprised that I’ve never used Join.Me before — it has been around for a while. Intended as an online meeting tool, it’s entirely Web-based. There’s nothing to install, and it all runs in a browser window. But I gave it a shot because one of the tool’s features is screen sharing and remote desktop control. So I navigated my dad to Join.Me (he didn’t know what a Web browser was, at least not by name, and he asked if he should delete the text that was already in the address bar when I asked him to type in Join.Me). I don’t say this to ridicule my dad’s lack of tech expertise. Rather, I’m illustrating how simple it is to get up and running.”

“After landing on the Join.Me site, my dad simply had to click the Start Meeting link and then read me the code number so I could join his session. From there, I requested permission to control his PC, which he accepted, and that was it. No apps to install or network settings to configure. No firewalls to breach. Somewhat surprisingly, his screen updated fairly quickly on my display, and I could see everything on his computer, including his desktop wallpaper (some remote control apps black the desktop to improve performance).”

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