Will the Volt Get a Jolt?

13 May

Thus far, General Motors’ electric Chevy Volt has been an under performer — except in the eyes of General Motors.

Take a look at this video interview with GM CEO Dan Akerson, who has high expectations for the future role and success of the Volt.

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One Response to “Will the Volt Get a Jolt?”

  1. Pei-Wei ( Sabrina ) Lung May 13, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

    Toyota launched a new hybrid car (Prius) on 1997, but the sales of the car are still not as good as other Toyota’s vehicle brands. In this video, the GM CEO mentions the issues about safety and battery of Volt. However, to compare with those two cars, there is no any specialty of Volt. In my opinion, the same situation might happen to Volt.

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