No matter the stage in your career (or life), it is imperative that you regularly do a self-assessment. In the infographic below, there is a 20-item self-assessment quiz for you to take.

How do YOU fare on this quiz? What activities do YOU need to modify to improve your career profile? How can YOU be happier? 🙂



5 Replies to “A Personalized Self-Assessment Infographic”

  1. To be honest, it seems to me that I am almost all in it for the money! I want a job in a big company, and I want to eventually be the head of it. I said that in ten years I wont be happy unless im at the top of my game. This could be bad and I probably should not be that way, but heck, I want to be successful! I work well with people which is good, but I don’t have the best skills on the computer which can be negative in this generation. My biggest strength is making others happy and satisfied but this also leads into something negative, which is not doing enough for myself. I think overall that my assessment on myself is pretty positive but I can absolutely work on a few things to tidy up where I want to go in life.

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