Dave Kerpen is a very popular speaker, the CEO of Likeable Local, the chairman of Likeable Media, and a New York Times best-selling author. His focus is on helping brands, organizations, and people to become more likeable.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Kerpen noted that: “Being likeable will help you in your job, business, relationships, and life. I interviewed dozens of successful business leaders for my last book, to determine what made them so likeable and their companies so successful. All of the concepts are simple, and yet, perhaps in the name of revenues or the bottom line, we often lose sight of the simple things – things that not only make us human, but can actually help us become more successful. Below are the eleven most important principles to integrate to become a better leader.”

Click the image to read about Kerpen’s discussion of the eleven principles.


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  1. The irony being the thumbs up image at the top of the pyramid is now completely disjointed from anything but a click. The facebook like button, which uses that same image, has served to turn liability into a measurable metric, that is earned by a higher online presence. More like buttons accessible, the more likely you are to be liked.

  2. All characteristics listed in the pyramid are not primarily characteristics of how to be a likeable business, but how to be a likeable person. In order to have a successful and LIKEABLE business, it really boils down to being likeable as a person. People (clients, consumers, public) recognize these attributes before anything.

  3. I agree with each of these 11 principles listed here. In order to be the leader of a successful business, you must first realize that you are not a one man show. There is no I in team. Your relationships with your employees, consumers, and other companies all determine the success of your business. If you follow these 11 steps, not only will you be a better leader, but you will also be a better person and a better person is someone people want to work with and work for. If you love your job, it shows and it will make your employees love their jobs as well. Fulfilling these steps leads to a win-win situation for everyone involved.

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I really liked it, because it reminds us that the simple things in life do make a difference. In the triangle gratefulness plays a huge roll on being likeable. It is very important to always be grateful in life because we are so fortunate to have so many blessings in our lives. Also we should remember to say than you to others as those simple words can make someone’s day. Authenticity, transparency and adaptability are huge ones too. It’s very important to be yourself always, with love, kindness and respect let people know what you stand for. Adaptability is very important in today’s world, as the only constant is change.

  5. The article touches on points that relate to the ability of working cohesively with any team (personally or professionally), and how necessary that is in order to succeed in acknowledging truth and differences of opinion. I am most intrigued by the responsiveness aspect of the article; I would’ve liked to have seen how the author expands on being responsive beyond ways of social media. It was well written, informative, and simple while emphasizing the concept of simplicity. We forget its significance, as it is always appreciated, but often overlooked in daily life.

  6. I agree with Giulia. All of the aspects go back to being likeable as a person. By simply relating to people and getting them to like you can lead you to success in whatever you do. In the business environment, you need to be well liked and respected to work in a group and get people to listen to you.

  7. Simple things, as mentioned in the article, are very important in order to be a “likeable” leader. Before a business leader takes control of the larger aspects of an organization, he or she needs to be in control with the simple aspects of the organization first. Simple things include, befriending and building relationships with employees and connections within the organization on all types of levels. It’s the small things in a company that really promote growth and build up the company.

  8. If you wanted to be a good leader the characteristics shown above are crucial for success. All the traits above will help you to become more balanced not only as a leader, but as a person as well.

  9. I like seeing the components that go into improving yourself as a business leader. I agree with Liza on the importance of gratitude, and it’s good to see that towards the top of the pyramid. Working on each one of these skills can help improve one’s chances of running a successful business.

  10. Don Kerpen believes that being likeable is the key element to finding success in all areas of life. This includes our personal relationships and the ones we have at work. Kerpen not only speaks and writes about being likeable but his companies are focused on it as well. He attributes being likeable and successful to 11 principles such as respect, give and take in communication, being honest and transparent, appreciative, flexible and having a passion about what you do. I agree with his viewpoint but I think it is unfortunate that he has to say it and it isn’t something most people already know.

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