IBM has compiled the thoughts of CMOs from around the world, who offer their insights on the evolving role of the chief marketing officer. Watch this short video.


And in the IBM video clip below, the value of strategic partnerships is covered.


2 Replies to “The Evolving Role of the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and Strategic Partnerships”

  1. It is very promising to hear both CMO’s in the video speak about the evolving and necessary role of the Corporate Marketing Officer. Promising because many of us are striving to maintain our competitive position in marketing with our companies, with so few jobs available. The thought that this is “the most exciting time for a marketing person” is great promise to those who have been in the field of marketing for years, and for our children who are looking everywhere to see where their careers may be in the years post “Great Recession”. I think the most important points made are how one needs to know who your customer is, how to differentiate your product or service and how important social networking is to any business. The CMO is key to driving innovation in the organization, and there are many fields in which we will see growth: energy, water and food. As the marketplace goes global, being able to create value for the customer will be key and if it means sharing innovation with a few partnerships then that is what is needed. I think that Ms. Lopez and the CMO from Royal Dutch Shell bring out many features we as marketing majors should explore and continue to learn about to remain competitive.

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