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Tracking Small Business Trends

16 Mar

As with large firms, tracking small business trends is imperative. IF small firms want to adapt to the marketplace! To best face competition, they must do so.

Before studying trends, read these posts:

Now, we turn to 2018 small business trends.


Tracking Small Business Trends

So, what’s up next for small business? And how should firms prepare for them.

As Evan Brown reports for jeffbullas.com:

“Small businesses have always played a vital role in economic growth because they are known for creating more jobs than their larger counterparts as SBA reports. But even though small businesses have seen an immense growth due to the introduction of the Internet, it is quite difficult to properly market themselves. A report by the National Small Business Association states that a decrease in consumer spending, economic uncertainty, and cost of health insurance benefits are the reasons behind the failure of a business.”

That is where this article comes in. 2018 looks to provide a slew of fantastic marketing opportunities that will allow small businesses to truly stand out. And I have taken the liberty of listing 18 small business trends that can help them do just that.”

Here are three of these trends. To see the other fifteen, click here.

Experiential Marketing

“Thanks to social media, customer engagement allows firms to better appease their target audience. In fact, consumers are encouraged to take part in the growth of a business. And we call this experiential marketing.”

Tracking Small Business Trends -- Experiential Marketing

Crowdfunding a Growing Source for Small Businesses

“In the past couple of years, the concept of crowdfunding has largely increased. It serves as a platform that allows brands to seek funding from online users to help fund their project before it is developed and released to the public.”

Tracking Small Business Trends -- Crowdfunding

Opportunities for Voice-Optimized Content

Given how much easier voice search is compared to typing, it won’t be long before most marketers begin to optimize content for voice search.

Tracking Small Business Trends -- Voice Searches

Fortune Cites 2018 Best 100 Employers

21 Feb

As we have written about the Glassdoor best employer rankings, Fortune’s annual employer rankings bring something different to the table. Hence, today’s post: Fortune Cites 2018 Best 100 Employers . Below, we’ll show why Fortune’s employer rankings are so helpful. So, where do YOU want to work?

But before reading below, take a look at these posts:


Fortune Cites 2018 Best 100 Employers

For more than two decades, Fortune has done an annual ranking of U.S. employers. As it notes for its latest ranking:

“100 Best Companies to Work For — Come for the generous sabbaticals, all-expenses-paid trips, or eye-popping bonuses, but stay for the parental leave, visionary management, and sense of purpose. Fortune’s 21st annual list of the country’s greatest places to work truly has something for everyone. And, they’re hiring. More than 315,000 employees provided feedback to determine the winners of the 2018 list.”

What makes Fortune’s rankings distinctive? In compiling its listing, Fortune looks at all of these factors: onsite childcare, onsite fitness/subsidized gym, onsite medical, job sharing,telecommuting, paid sabbaticals, student loan debt repayment, 100% health coverage, compressed work weeks, unlimited sick days, medical facility at all locations, tuition reimbursement, and non-discrimination policy (including sexual orientation).

And here are the top ten for 2018. Click the links to learn more about each company:
  1. Salesforce
  2. Wegmans Food Markets
  3. Ultimate Software
  4. Boston Consulting Group
  5. Edward Jones
  6. Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants
  7. Workday
  8. Genentech
  9. Hyatt
  10. Kimley-Horn


To view the entire list of 100, click on the image, At the site, learn all of the ways that you may filter the ranking data.

Fortune Cites 2018 Best 100 Employers

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising

6 Feb

Today, we conclude our three-part series on the 2018 Super Bowl. On Sunday, we looked at a number of 2018 Super Bowl LII Fun Facts. Yesterday, we watched Several Super Bowl LII Company Ads. Now, we look at three sources rating Super Bowl LII advertising .

If you want to easily access all Super Bowl LII ads, click here. AND, if you want to see past Super Bowl ads, click here. At that site is Ad Age‘s Super Bowl archive.

Unfortunately for advertisers, early ratings show that viewership for Super LII was the lowest since 2009. At $5 million per 30-second ad during the game, this is disappointing. Even with the highest-scoring Super Bowl ever!


Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising

In general, how good were this year’s Super Bowl ads? To Evans on Marketing, this did not seem like an overly distinguished group of ads. Boring and copy cat came to mind. But yes, we did think there were a few standouts.

And we’re not alone in our overall rating. As one ad industry  expert noted for the NY Times:

“’It’s really a pretty lame year,’ said Marianne Malina, president of the agency GSD&M in Austin, Tex. ‘When the TV promos for the Olympics and ‘The Voice,’ and the N.F.L. — and Justin Timberlake — overshadow a lot, that says everything.’”

That said, here are the five best ads. According to three different sources.


USA Ad Meter

In USA Today’s annual Super Bowl Ad Meter, online volunteers rate ads on a score of 1 to 10. Viewers must watch all of the ads for their votes to count.

According to USA Today, the top five ads were:

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- USA Today

Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Rank

As described by Ad Age:For the inaugural Ad Age Super Bowl Ad Rank With Morning Consult, a survey was conducted online among 3,956 respondents in the advertising and marketing industry. And each ad was rated between 1 to 10 on effectiveness and entertainment.”

According to Ad Age, these 5 ads ranked best:

  1. Amazon — Alexa Loses Her Voice
  2. Tide — It’s a Tide Ad
  3. Tourism Australia — Dundee
  4. NFL — Touchdown Celebrations to Come
  5. Budweiser — Stand By You

To view the full Ad Age ranking, click on the image from the Alexa ad.

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- Ad Age


Variety’s Super Bowl Ad Ranking

Varietyis [a] premier source of entertainment news. Since 1905, the most influential leaders in the industry have turned to Variety for timely, credible, and straightforward news and analysis — information vital to their professions.”

According to Variety, these 5 ads ranked best:

  1. Amazon — Alexa Loses Her Voice
  2. Doritos Mountain Dew — DORITOS BLAZE vs. MTN DEW ICE
  3. Tide — It’s a Tide Ad
  4. Tourism Australia — Dundee
  5. NFL — Touchdown Celebrations to Come

To view the full Variety ranking, click on the image from the NFL ad.

Rating Super Bowl LII Advertising -- Variety


2018 Marketing Budget Trends

29 Jan

With this post, we begin a three-part primer on the marketing budget. This topic merits such detailed coverage. Today, we look at 2018 Marketing Budget Trends. Then, we cover our 2018 Marketing Budget Strategies. And we conclude with our 2018 Marketing Budget Free Templates.

This material builds on our earlier discussions. For example, see: Marketing Tips for Small Businesses, Creative Uses of Guerilla Marketing, Budgeting for Social Media Marketing, and How to Do Better Marketing Budgets.

Without a well-conceived marketing budget, it is hard to accomplish the following: Measure performance. Allocate resources where they are most needed. See how much a given strategy will costs. And lots more.


2018 Marketing Budget Trends

As we look forward for 2018, let us first look back at 2017. According to Marketing Charts, based on data from Econsultancy: “An Intelligence Briefing by Econsultancy in association with Adobe asked almost 3,500 marketers around the world how their spending on various digital marketing channels and disciplines would change in 2017.” The chart shows the expectations for digital marketing budgets.

2018 Marketing Budget Trends -- Looking Back at 2017

In its 2017-2018 survey of 353 chief marketing officers, Gartner found that:

“Marketing budgets hit a plateau in 2017 after three years of growth. While the descent is not steep (yet), it still poses difficult questions for CMOs. Can they continue to fund broad commitments for customer experience and innovation while delivering core marketing programs? How can they ensure that the investment in people and resources delivers solid ROI today while preparing for capabilities needed tomorrow? How can investments in technology deliver value to the business and secure future commitments?”

“One thing is clear — previous budget increases have come with weighty expectations, some of which have yet to be met. Marketing must show its financial management credentials, proving it can deal with financial constraints. And it must have accountability for business performance. As well as build budgets based on future returns rather than past assumptions.”

Finally, here two excellent marketing budget charts for 2018 compiled by 60 Second Marketer.

2018 Marketing Budget Trends - By Industry

2018 Marketing Budget Trends - by Industry

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