In 2018, Evans on Marketing blogged nearly 220 times. As we welcome the New Year, let’s look back at our best 2018 posts. Yesterday, we noted our personal favorites. Now, we present the best 2018 posts — part two as reflected in YOUR viewership.

Like yesterday’s list, below are a wide range of topics. With something for everyone. 🙂


Your Favorites: Best 2018 Posts — Part Two

In the following list, the posts are listed in order of your viewership. Thus, number one was the most viewed post by YOU. And we thank you for reading them. As you will see, there is some overlap with yesterday’s list. Overall, we highlight 15 posts.

Further note:  For this list, we use total viewership in 2018. Not all of these posts were published in 2018.

Avoid Being Scammed

Best 2018 Posts -- Part Two

2. What Are the Toughest Languages to Translate?

3. Avoid Undermining Your Own Career

4. Self-Publishing Your Own Work

5. Positivity Beats Negativity

6. Unfriend Social Media Content?

7. A Brand Strategy Road Map

Best 2018 Posts -- Part Two

8. What Motivates Car Buyers Around the World?

9. Useful Free TrendWatching Resources

    10. More Social Media Marketing Tips

    11. Matching Your Resume to the Job

Best 2018 Posts -- Part Two

    12. L’Oréal Ups Its Product Mix in China

    13. Free Advertising Tools for Small Businesses

    14. Are YOU Focused Enough?

Best 2018 Posts -- Part Two

    15. How Colors Affect Consumers’ Product Perceptions

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