Each year, Brand Z presents its leading global brand report. Today, we look at the 2020 global most valuable brands. To see our post on last year’s global brand list, click here.


A BrandZ Report: 2020 Global Most Valuable Brands

[Note: The 2020 study was completed before the full impact of COVID-19 was felt.]

According to parent company Kantar:

Difference (standing out and setting trends) is one of the three BrandZ™ components of brand equity, along with Meaningful (relevantly meeting functional and emotional needs), and Salience (coming to mind easily when making a purchase decision).

The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands 2020 increased their total brand value by 6 percent. Thereby adding $277 billion over the past year to reach $5 trillion in total value.

The global pandemic has impacted brands regardless of size or geography, but brands with a point of difference, through creativity and innovation have proven their resilience, and are set to find growth faster during recovery.

Amazon is the world’s most valuable brand, growing 32% to US$415.9bn and accounting for a third of the BrandZ Top 100’s total growth. The retail sector has grown the fastest by 21% in brand value, driven by major ecommerce players.

Technology brands continue to dominate the top of the ranking, growing overall by 10%. Over half of media and entertainment brands appeared in the top 20 risers. TikTok (no. 79, $16.9bn) was the highest new entry.

Next, some highlights of the report. First, an infographic summary.

2020 Global Most Valuable Brands

Now, view this video synopsis of the top 100.


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