In short, as most firms know, brand image represents a powerful financial asset. Accordingly, brand recognition and brand loyalty may represent the difference between success and failure. For this reason, Kantar and WPP annually publish the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands report. Indeed, the 2019 global most valuable brands report is now available. To see the 2018 report, click here.

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BrandZ Annual Report: 2019 Global Most Valuable Brands

When describing the 2019 report, Kantar/WPP note that:

“In a year marked by rising consumer expectations, the erosion of category boundaries, and geopolitical disruptions, the 2019 BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands increased 7 percent in value. In fact, this hard-won gain outperformed the global GDP growth rate. And it added $328 billion to the BrandZ™ Top 100, bringing its total value to $4.7 trillion.”

“Among the key findings: Consumers expect superior customer experience, including rapid delivery. Also more mindful about the health and wellness of themselves and the planet, they want a high level of responsibility and ethical behavior from brands. To address consumer expectations, brands become more sophisticated about gathering and analyzing data. Increasingly, they apply the insights across multiple businesses  to create integrated brand ecosystems.”


Access the Full Report

Click the image to access the full branding report.

2019 Global Most Valuable Brands

Review the Top 50 Global Ranking.

Together, the two charts below, highlight the top 50 brands. Click the images to see clearer versions.

The charts provide data on brand category, brand value, and country of origin. And more!

2019 Global Most Valuable Brands

2019 Global Most Valuable Brands

Video Countdown of Top 100

Lastly, in the video, view a countdown of the top 100 brands.


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