Interested in starting an online business (E-commerce)? Or improving an existing one? If you answer yes: Do you know the mistakes to avoid in launching an E-commerce site? Below, find out how.

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19 Key Mistakes to Avoid in Launching an E-Commerce Site

Typically, articles on designing and operating E-commerce Web sites focus on what to do. While they much less often point out what to avoid. To learn more about the latter, read on.

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“Whether you own it, or you’re planning to start one, this material is tailor-made for all the E-commerce enthusiasts! It may seem easy to build an E-commerce Web site. But, is it really that easy? Apart from choosing the best Web site host, you also need to pick the right platform, and set-up payment getaways among others.”

“What if I tell you that building an E-commerce Web site is as difficult as difficult can get? It sure is achievable, but it’s not as easy as you believe. People make the most common and minuscule mistakes while launching an E-commerce Web site. Reason being, they do not know they are mistakes until they suffer a major loss because of those mistakes.”

“The E-commerce marketplace is huge. And the competition is quite fierce. If you want to make in-roads into a particular niche, you need to do in-depth research before embarking on an E-commerce venture. Likewise, when creating an online store, you need to steer clear from common E-commerce mistakes that could affect its future growth. Thus, here is a list of eCommerce launching mistakes to avoid that could help you save a lot of time, effort, and money in the long run.”


Mistakes to Avoid in Launching an E-Commerce Site

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