In order to succeed in the long run. firms must offer trustworthy Web sites. However, many unscrupulous sites take advantage of companies and their shoppers. We should want to avoid that same situation.

For example, consider these practices: Consumers Beware Online Marketing TricksHow Credible/Authentic is Your Web Site Perceived?

How to Offer Trustworthy Web Sites

As Elsie Weisskoff of Siege Media notes. Keep from being the 19.4 million Web sites that are infected by malware on a weekly basis. By being mindful of the factors that make your Web site secure and credible. Especially when it comes to E-commerce sites that accept online payment. A study by Panda Security found that Americans chose a safe URL (https) as the most important credibility factor when making a purchase. Those younger than 25 years old, cited testimonials and reviews as the most important factors. 

In summarizing its research, Panda Security notes the following:

As of January 2019, there were 1.94 billion Web sites. And this number grows each day. With so many sites available, we must  identify the legitimate Web sites. As well as those which shouldn’t be trusted. Security Week states that 1% of these Web sites are infected with malware at any given time each week. This means at least 19,400,000 websites have malicious intent every week. These sites become even more of an issue when Internet users willingly hand over their personal information. That includes such credit card details. Online shopping now accounts for almost 10% of total retail sales.”

“With such a high number of sites at risk, it’s vital that Internet users know which ones they can trust with their personal information. To help shed some light on this issue, we surveyed 1,000 Americans about what they look for in a reliable Web site. We asked, ‘When you’re making a purchase online, what’s the most important credibility factor?’”

Take a look at Panda’s major findings in this infographic.

Offering Trustworthy Web Sites

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