Here’s an important question: How good is your Web site? And the answer depends on setting criteria to measure. As well as monitoring Web site results. That’s our topic for today.

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Background: Bloggers and Analytics

Before addressing the question of how good is your Web site, let’s look at the use of Web site analytics.

In an ideal world, analytics about our Web sites should be essential. After all, we should want to know how well our site is doing. AND which type of content does best? AND which type of content does worst.

Virtually all large firms use data analytics to assess their sites. In addition, they do so regularly. On the other hand, many smaller firms don’t use analytics much. If at all.

Why is this? After all, Google and WordPress provide free analytics tools. And they are easy to use.

Each year, Orbit Media does in-depth research on 1,000+ bloggers. And one of its topics relates to analytics. Thus, these are some findings:

  • “Analytics aren’t fully embraced yet: Nearly 7 in 10 bloggers don’t always check content performance.
  • More bloggers are data-driven: A greater percentage check results every time. Over the last three years, there’s an 18% increase in those who ‘always’ check analytics.
  • In fact, most bloggers do check analytics: 56% ‘usually’ or ‘always’ check the results of a given post. That number hasn’t changed much over the last few years.
  • Yet, some bloggers don’t seem to care: 1 in 5 bloggers don’t even have access to Analytics or hardly ever look at results.”

This chart provides a good summary of Orbit’s most recent take on analytics.

How Good Is Your Web Site? Using Analytics

How Good Is Your Web Site ?

If it is essential to measure Web site quality and performance, what exactly should we measure?

According to Orbit Media’s Content Marketing Metrics — 10 Easy Ways to Measure Effectiveness, these factors should be reviewed:

  1. Website traffic
  2. Subscriber growth
  3. Search rankings
  4. Time on site
  5. Social media followers
  6. Social media shares
  7. Links and Authority
  8. Clickthrough rate (CTR)
  9. Leads
  10. Feedback

And these factors are described in the following infographic:


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