With so many firms now on the Web, it is imperative to do things right. And that means better online content marketing.

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Tips for Better Online Content Marketing

Special thanks to our guest blogger Nirav Dave, CTO & Co-Founder of Capsicum Mediaworks.

According to Dave:

Previously, we asked 67+ Experts to Share the Best WordPress SEO Tips to [Boost Rankings] in 2019. The response, as usual, was great. However, we noticed that the one SEO tip that majority of experts stressed upon was ‘creating a high-quality long form content’ in order to garner organic traffic, earn higher rankings and boosts conversion.

As one of the best SEO agencies in Mumbai, India, we agree wholeheartedly with the fact that a comprehensive piece of content provides greater SEO value in the long run and that Yes, ‘Content Length does matter when it comes to SEO.’ But, while we can write pages expounding the importance of writing long-form content, we understand that ‘Facts speaks louder than words.’

Thus, we’ll let the data do the talking! The below detailed, data-driven and statistic enriched post explains – how important is the content length and the benefits of the long form and short form content. Also included are the tips on how to create long form content alongside the different types of content formats and content frameworks that you can use.

Best part! Here is an infographic that highlights how content length affects your SEO and conversions. So, without further delay, let’s check this out!

Better Online Content Marketing


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  1. Longer content its good for a marketer, because it provides more information. Consumers need information before they proceed to do anything. In if a content has longer words it gives an incentive that the content its valuable meaning. If the content is short then there is a possibility that the content is a rip off or fake and people might not even trust it. However, marketers should note that it is good have good amount of content but never ever to over do it and put “too much” content.

  2. Before I read through the infographic I automatically thought shorter content was better. After reading it makes sense why longer content is more beneficial to marketers. Typically longer content provides more information, which shows that consumers can get more value out of that content. It was interesting to me how content length affects conversions. People prefer content that is thought-provoking rather than something that does not include all they were longing for. It makes sense once I read it, but I originally thought the shorter the better because people do not want to read through long content.

  3. This infographic provides pretty different opinion which against my stereotype conception. I used to consider that consumers would tired and felt boring when they saw a long marketing content, especially advertisements. In the matter of this, the article’s idea is fresh my mind. But after I finish reading this, I still have a question: How to build a longer and effective marketing content which can not only gain so much advantages but also avoid consumers’ boring feeling. Really hope author can provides some successful models or examples.

    1. The infographic addresses this. In general, the best posts are 300-500 words plus some at least one visual and links for further information. 🙂

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