If you have been following Evans on Marketing, you know we’re in the midst of publishing a new series of articles on career planning. Today, we offer bonus career advice on social currency. We highlight material from Mint.com. Including an infographic. On Monday April 27, we resume our career series.

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Another Asset to Use: Bonus Career Advice on Social Currency

Social currency is another concept to add to our bulging marketing dictionary. For information and advice on that topic, we turn to Mint.com:

Social currency is the power and influence you yield in your social networking circle to influence the world around you. If you’re looking to build your personal brand, you can borrow social currency strategies from major brands and influencers. Thereby, transforming your online persona into genuine connections and influence.

When building your online personal brand, you likely share posts to increase your reputation in a viewer’s eyes. When publishing posts, you’re putting your reputation on the line,. Thereby, ‘spending’ your social currency. Successful social brands are those that show authenticity, trustworthiness, and reliability on every post. They create a community of like-minded individuals from all around the world.

Social currency increases the more loyal, authoritative, and reliable your brand becomes. When posting, you’re focusing on what makes you different and better than the rest. That’s why the most authentic influencers out there are known to have the most loyal audiences. Viewers truly feel like they are part of a community and take their advice seriously.

Businesses can leverage their social currency by showing the behind the scenes of projects in the works. Present product teasers. And not some potential hardships that got in the way before completing projects. This provides individuals and brands the ability to relate to viewers through storytelling on a daily basis.

Through the following infographic, learn how to leverage YOUR social currency.

Bonus Career Advice on Social Currency

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