Each Friday for a while, we will cite links to all of the posts in our COVID-19 job series. In essence, a cumulative recap of our current career series.

In addition, we will present a link to a job-related resource that may be helpful to you. Today, we offer the One Club COVID-19 Jobs Board. It focuses on the advertising/communications sector.

Recap of Our Current Career Series


April 24 Recap of Our Current Career Series

In chronological order, these are the articles from this career series:

  • Resuming Your Career After COVID-19 We know that many of you are concerned about resuming your career after COVID-19. As a result, beginning next week we will offer several new posts to assist you going forward.
  • Properly Projecting YOUR Self-Brand Importantly, the first activity you should embark on is properly projecting YOUR self-brand. Then, every other career-related activity you undertake should flow from this one. Today, an overview of self-branding. With an easy-to-follow format to guide you. 
  • The Process for Projecting YOUR Self-Brand Now, we cover all the steps in more detail: the process for projecting YOUR self-brand. With lots of tips and examples. Including flowcharts, infographics, and video clips.

Our process for self-branding follows. Read the article to read about each step. See how you fit in.

Recap of Our Current Career Series


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