Often, firms look for professional Web designers. Clients include both small and large firms. And prices range from free (for basic design) to quite expensive. But, are clients careful enough in selecting Web design firms? After all, Web design is a tricky business.

In the United States alone, thousands of companies offer Web design services. Unfortunately, a number of them go out of business each year.

Failures Because Web Design Is a Tricky Business

To see why Web design firms may fail, look at this infographic from FitSmallBusiness.

Web Design Is a Tricky Business

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  1. In my past work experience, the problems we had with our Web Designers included a lack of organization, communication and transparency. The progress of our projects was very slow because of this. Because there are so many companies that offer these services (at a wide-range of prices), I can see how customers (whether they are businesses or individuals building websites) would leave a company because of one or two complications or disappointments. Our office ultimately decided to move to another web developer because of these setbacks. Many of the features we were promised were never delivered.

  2. Communication is key. The business is the web design firms customer and together they need to develop and SOW (Statement of Work). If all the specifics are documented and understood there shouldn’t be a problem. Many firms do not spend the time upfront or maybe they don’t exactly know what they are looking for and this causes issues on both sides. If the businesses are not happy with the web design, they tell a lot of friends and it can cause bad results.

  3. Presentation and first impressions are everything especially when it comes to web pages. If the layout and features are confusing, complicated or out of date, it can be a major turn away for a customer and leave them with bad impressions of the company. This could lead to them turning people they know against it too. Web page layout that is inviting and easy to use with up to date features attracts new consumers and allows them to interact and have more exposure to the company.

  4. If I am having trouble navigating a website, I will typically click out of it and try again later, or completely click out and move to a new sight. Being able to simply navigate a companies website is a crucial key to success. I know that many companies have been hiring their own personal web design and maintenance teams so they can keep their site up to date. There are also many issues between the designers and developers, because the designers are spitting ideas what they want for the sites, but the developers have to try and code as fast as they design. Also, if the designers and developers do not work well together little will get done.

  5. The design of a website is critical to the survival of a company. If the website is hard to navigate, slow, or glitchy customers will find somewhere else to get their product. I know if I am having trouble using a website I won’t spend a lot of time trying to figure it out. I will often look for another site that will give me the same product but quicker and easier.

  6. Web design in a very important key to the survival of a business. If you have an eye catching website, people are more likely to go on it and even share it with others who they think might also be interested. It is also important to have the best working website, with minimal glitches and also a site that is easy to navigate, since this can make or break the interest in your company. If I am having trouble with a website, I will usually click out of it and find a different one.

  7. Web Design can make or break a product due to customer’s preferences. This concept is difficult, because styles and trends change constantly. A website must be updated frequently, and must be monitored. Efficiency, sleekness, and simplicity are factors that go into a good web design. People aren’t patient to spend a lot of time figuring out a website.

  8. Web Design is a very tricky thing to really get a handle on because everyone has different artistic preferences and that could either make or break your firm. When a client goes to a firms website they want to be pulled in instantly by the design of the webpage and the cleanliness of it. Sometimes people think that by adding everything onto one page it makes the website much better when in reality, keeping things simple and clean can go a long way when running a business webpage.

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