Why the title ice cream mania? Well, after all, one of our favorite food delights is ice cream. As we discussed in June 2019, in the the U.S. alone, annual sales exceed $10 billion. And we certainly are a snack-driven society. For an example, click here.


What Drives Ice Cream Mania?

As reported by Martin Armstrong for Statista:

“Statista teamed up with global premium wafer and confection brand, Loacker, to survey American consumers on their frozen treat preferences. The public provided insights into their favorite flavors, toppings, and even where they liked to pick up their snacks.”

“In general, we found that 85% of respondents revealed they like to invest in feel-good activities at least once each week. ‘Enjoying good food or snacks’ appeared alongside ‘watching TV’ and ‘spending time with friends and family.’ These make up the country’s top 3 pastimes. We evaluated frozen treat consumption within the context of it bringing some extra goodness into consumers’ everyday lives. To accomplish this, our survey uncovered a wide range of data. That we further broken down into regional, demographic and even star-sign based trends.”

“We transformed the highlights of the campaign via our Statista Content Marketing & Information department into the infographic below, as well as into an animated video.”


Ice Cream Mania


5 Replies to “Ice Cream Mania”

  1. Ice cream is a form of Bliss, Ice cream brings family and friends together! in addition the amount of Ice cream flavors that are found today is huge. Companies also are trying to make ice cream catering to lactose intolerance people, because why not bring them in and create more happiness and erect friendships. Additionally providing more better and healthier ingredients. Ice cream will always be the best way for any people to past the time with friends or just enjoying it by itself.

  2. Ice cream is a pretty universal, everyone can enjoy it all year round. What was most interesting to me in this infographic was how in different parts of the US there are different preferences with ice cream. I guess ice cream is not fully universal?! Since millennials and younger generations are buying it their own way, I see ice cream products further expanding and becoming more original in the future. Who knows, there may be a heavier ice cream one day.

  3. From the survey we known that 79% consumers love combination flavor, which is very interesting. In last week I participated in our university’s career fair. In this event, local Coca-Cola company brought a special flavor Coke which is quite amazing for me, orange & vanilla, as the Coca-Cola’s staff said, this is the most popular flavor when people tried their customized flavor project. According to this, in the future ice cream manufactories may try customized flavor ice cream in all kinds of customers, especially in millennial.

  4. It’s interesting that different regions have different preferences for sweet foods, not only because of cultural customs, but also because of geography and natural conditions. New yorkers love crunchy toping ice cream as if New York is a place of mixed cultures. In food, they also pursue the combination of different textures.

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