Whether we are reviewing our company’s reputation or our own personal self-brand, the results may be challenging because of the spread of fake news and the proliferation of negative social media comments. What we hope for perceptions of our reputation may not be in sync with the way others see us. And having a favorable reputation is critically important.

What can we do to have a well-respected reputation? Consider these suggestions from Sapir Segal, writing for Marketo:

Social media marketing requires a lot of patience and maintenance. Once you’ve established your social media presence and are generating engagement and measuring your ROI, the most important stage is to protect your hard work. Monitoring and protecting your social media presence from decline or extinction is just as pivotal as demonstrating it in the first place.”

“Controversial posts, account hacks, and inadvertent mistakes are all examples of threats that could harm your brand’s reputation. Luckily for marketers, many of these troubling factors are avoidable or correctable. To protect your social media reputation, you must have a careful eye for potential problems, a plan for handling crises, and a team you trust to write and manage the content. Here are three common mistakes that plague social media marketers: (1) unsupervised content publishing; (2) controversial content; and (3) account hacking.”


Click the image to read Segal’s solutions to these problems!


4 Replies to “Are You Vigilant in Protecting Your Reputation?”

  1. It seems obvious that individuals should protect their online presence and self-image. Other people may judge someone by their posts, and inadvertently get the wrong idea. Then why do so many people post inappropriate information or controversial comments on popular social media sites like LinkedIn?

    When Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn first became popular, people posted links and comments just to start a conversation, or join one already in progress. Did they realize that those comments or pictures could always be linked to them in this digital age?

    We should all take a moment to think about anything we post or comment on because someone else may get the wrong impression of us. That person may be a potential boss or a prospective client. Then the damage has already been done.

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