In the past (and even today), most companies have typically tried to stay out of any communications involving difficult social issues — or to even stake out a position.

So, cheers to Bud Light and Ellen DeGeneres for their joint efforts on behalf of gay marriage. As E.J. Schultz reports for Advertising Age:

“‘Gay weddings, they are just like any wedding,” Seth Rogen says in the commercial spot, which shows a wedding between two males. The ad also features Amy Schumer. The two comedians have been starring in the politically themed ‘Bud Light Party’ campaign. The first commercial [below] ran on broadcast TV on June 1 in California and New York, where it will also get paid digital support.”

“A big boost will come from Ms. DeGeneres, who tweeted to her 60+ million followers as part of a paid integration. Her Facebook page has more than 24.7 million likes. The ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ posted the spot on its YouTube channel. Bud Light has also erected rainbow-lit billboards in New York and California.”

“June 1 is the start of LGBT Pride month. It also marks the one-year anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on June 26 that legalized gay marriage nationally.  Bud Light previewed the spot with gay rights group GLAAD, with which it has a longtime partnership.”



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  1. I think it is fantastic that there is a large enough consensus on the issue of gay marriage that, not only celebrities, but companies selling consumer products can come out with confidence and state their opinion (through advertising). My only caveat is that if advertising and social issues become largely intertwined, people on my side of the argument shouldn’t get upset when they stumble upon an advertisement that contradicts their political views.

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