We are an impatient society and expect that our time be respected. Thus, many shoppers get impatient if the lines in a retail store are too long. Sometimes, they even leave the store without buying.

What should store-based retailers understand about consumers’ attitudes and behavior about waiting in line? According to Wavetec (a firm that offers B2B solutions from queue management systems, to digital signage, customer feedback systems, service area design, and financial displays):

“Every day, millions of customers wait in line, from driving to work to checking out at a retail store. True reality about waiting lines — pervasive and unavoidable! Given the dynamism of business and competition today, a waiting customer is potentially a lost customer. The following infographic takes you through the anatomy of queues, how customers perceive and react to queues, and how you can deal with them efficiently to deliver optimum customer experiences.”



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  1. Some stores let you complete a purchase anywhere you can find a cashier with a mobile device. This really expedites the checkout. I also think that stores should have a returns only line since that process often is slower when customers don’t have proper receipts. When there are no customers returning items, the cashier could still take people making purchases. Customers who want to make a quick return don’t want to wait behind a long line of those making purchases. The sooner the return is processed, the more likely the customer will decide to shop in the store.

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