As one of our business planning activities, we should always be willing to think outside the box. We should be thinking of where our firm is headed in both the short run and long run!

This slideshow from Logo Design Guru:

“visually represents the 10 fundamental aspects of businesses that want to keep their feet in the market. Looking for growth? These are the basic rules that will polish your abilities to keep a track of trends in the market. However, it is evident that you need to know the people you are dealing with. Normally, business owners resist meeting their people in person. Whereas, they forget that interaction is a fruitful source of marketing your brand.”



29 Replies to “Ten Marketing-Oriented Business Trends to Consider: A Slideshow”

  1. I try to study pop culture and trends in everyday life. Some people say that going with the majority is not “cool” and lacks individuality. However, I don’t observe trends to make myself like it. I just think it’s very important to be aware of what the large portion of people are into. I always say that being ignorant to pop culture and trends is like being a foreigner to modern society.

  2. This post was very interesting and with many people not keeping up with pop culture in everyday life or business it is important. Everybody should try to keep up pop culture because if you do not you will not keep up with society. Business trends are similar to pop culture and throughout society we have seen that if companies do not adapt with the time they will become less popular and sometimes even go out of business.

  3. Pop culture is relevant to stay on top of, but it is a really vague world. Pop culture for some people are only few select stories that catch their attention but to truly stay relevant you need to actually look through a variety of sources for relevant media.

  4. The pop culture and trends are playing a unique role in business.Nowadays, most people willing to look some interesting pics or video instead of to read some words, now people want to be fashion and catch up with the trends, therefore the marketer have to catch up with the trends and bring some good ideas related to pop culture.

  5. It is critical for marketers to know the trend not in the industry but in the whole world, so that they could avoid fail when facing fierce competition. Marketing is so changeable in that it is easily influenced by a little bit variation, such as technology, business model, customer needs, and so on. The change of essence of marketing from offline to online is the best example of the alternation of trend attributed to the Internet. Obviously the most significant factor of trend considered by marketers should be customer needs, for the reason that the goal of marketing is to satisfy the needs of consumers. The next trend of marketing may be in mobile to provide more services in mobile phones and tablets because large number of people use them more and more often.

  6. Marketing Business trends are important to succeed in the marketing field. My favorite slide was “trends aren’t the real point,the opportunities they hold is”. That is so true when you are trying to market your products because its what you make of the trends. For example implementing dual channel (multi channel) marketing or intensive distribution your company is taking advantage of crucial opportunities. when a company sells through as many outlets as possible they trigger “impulse buying” and product awareness. The Communication process of creation-transmission-reception-translation- and response the most important part is crucial, when your product is everywhere your company will trigger positive responses in business.

  7. No doubt that identifying trends can help businesses succeed. Truth #6 “Trends aren’t the real point- the opportunities they hold is” supports the opinion that all good business people find out about trends that are stirring up in order to exploit them. For instance, identifying new trends in the latest communications technologies provides insight on how customers reach a company’s e-business. Or finding out about these new trends can also introduce new ways to run the business, and that could potentially give the company a competitive online advantage in the marketplace.

  8. I could not agree more with truth No.5. In the digital age, understanding consumer behavior, especially customers’ online behavior is very important for every company who want to gain a lot of traffic and increase their Click Through Rate. For example, what products the customers usually bought online? Which keyword is very popular in recently days? Some company could also post some ads which contain some popular keywords in Google and Bing Ads.

  9. There always seems to be a new trend coming around. It is very hard to keep updated with what will be the new success or the next big think in any industry. People can not be predicted by machines because everyones brain functions in a different way which is why every single person is unique in their own way.

  10. I found point number five to be the most interesting, especially concerning it’s reference to the idea of “consumerism.” As it pertains to trends, an active example of “consumerism” is the 21st century consumer’s predisposition to live on the cutting edge. Gone are the days of keeping the same phone for more than 2 years or an automobile for 300,000 miles.

  11. I could not agree more with No.5: Understand your customer. Learning to understand consumers’ mind and their purchasing behavior is very important. Especially for many companies which want to use Internet to sell their products. For Example, customers online behavior sometimes is impulse. Smart marketers could easily catch up the different trends online and combine these trends with their ads on Google.

  12. Nice blog for me to learn. It is very interesting for me. Business looks like the cars, clothing stuffs, they all update every day and every year. Business’s model has changed a lot from decades to currents days. We need to realize the new version of the business. We need to be careful to catch up with the new business model. We need to figure out what is the customers’ mind right now and their consuming behaviors.

  13. I think to recognize a trend is not that hard, firms give their current businesses up and change themselves to adapt to a new trend is somewhat difficult though. Not every firm has the courage that IBM had a few years ago when they sold PC business to Lenovo and change itself from a hardware company to a consulting and software company.

  14. I think this post is very useful and inspired for me, because it makes me realize that business trend change rapidly and if marketer want to catch up customers attention, they need to follow the trend all the time and in time. Marketers are not only need to figure out what is the business trends nowadays or what is customers need nowadays, but also identify the clusters that signal towards future directions. Try to know future trends is also significant to marketer to attract prospects and increase market share.

  15. One sentence from this blog is that customer are real people. They have emotions and thinking. They know what is real or fake. They know how to choose. So we have to understand what they need first and then think what the marketing strategy is. Sometimes we need to think outside boxes. We have to look our business future to make sure meet customers’ needs. The reason is that they always change and we have to face this challenge. Real people will have emotions. Sometimes they do not buy this product, they actually buy love or feelings. Whether this feeling is worthy for this price depend on customers’ decisions.

  16. This posts brings up an interesting point that in so many cases is extremely hard for marketers to wrap their head around. It seems as though so often, as marketers, we are stuck in the traditional manner in which things are done and do not allow ourselves to take a risk and branch out based on an instinct or intuition stemming from a trend. So many business need the “hard facts” to back up a marketing decision when in today’s constantly changing and evolving world, those facts may not be available yet. We need to learn to accept that as trends come into play, we need to jump on them and use them to our marketing advantage.

  17. As a marketer , the very important point is to live among you consumers , which is like what is said in this article. Because only in that way , can we know the real trend among the real consumers.So if you want to be good marketer , you have to learn to be a passionate consumer for your own products.

  18. One professional term came to my mind after I reading this post, which is called strategic windows created by Derek Abell. It talks about marketers should keeping track of the changes and trends in the business world and then conduct coordinated marketing strategies according to it. As we all know, for the business world today, nothing can always stay on the top because there are always new products, competitors, new competing technologies and even new customer needs on the way. Even though a company’s strategy was perfect before, if the company use that strategy as a bible to guide all of its work afterwards and never think of changing, it will go out of business sooner or later.

  19. In my opinion, a good example to catch market trends is Apple. Apple, as leading company in smart phone industry, contributes a lot of technology trends to the industry and it still keep tracking and discovering the newest leading direction. Even though everyone understand that our fingers are the most flexible tools for us, Apple made fully use of this advantage and came up with touch scream cell phone. Moreover, Apple still keeps chasing more creative ideas, like Apple watch.

  20. I have to say these 10 truth are the truth in the business. I can say them in every successful company. These 10 truth come from everywhere, include the human behaviors, current trend, and marketing research. Although the 10 truth cover a lot of things, the essential of them is the customers. Now, the marketing is not traditional marketing, it is inbound marketing. The companies need to live among with their consumers, and adapt the new trend to satisfy their consumers.

  21. Trends come and go that’s why big hair was a really big deal in the 80s but flat and straight hair was a big thing in the 90s. I appreciate these ten truths because it reminds the marketers that trends are about the now and they move and evolve with time. It’s more important to find out what is new in the market than to see what already came and went. If there are new products out in other industries it will help the seller see what the consumers want. I think this is such an interesting concept because in business it seems like we’re always very concerned with the history of things, but we rarely look at what is new.

    Michaela Cody; MKT 101 Section 1

  22. As a marketing personnel, the sense of market trend is important. Because in my opinion, market is changing all the time, and the fierce competition promotes creations in the marketing world. A successful businessman should have the ability to understand or estimate what the next big thing is and it is always the key to earn profits. From these slides, I personally think that keep good relations with consumers is useful. Just as the article mentioned, we need to think out of the box. As long as contacting more with consumers, we will know what they want, and it is likely to be the trend of market.

  23. I think this presentation is important because interacting and knowing your consumer is what makes your marketing go to the next level. If your marketing does not appeal to the group you are purposely trying to appeal to then there is no consumer connect and most likely you are not making a product for the right kind of people.

  24. For some industries, the ability to adapt to trends quickly is easier than for other industries. For example, food companies have the ability to tweak foods and ingredients according to health/diet trends. A company can advertise diet-friendly snacks by just making smaller packages of their current products! The clothing industry has more difficulty because they have to design new outfits and items depending on trends.

  25. I really want to say Truth #3 is interesting. As we all know marketing research has been a great tool when we want to attempt in the market. However, nowadays the pace is becoming more and more fast, sometimes we can not catch up with what is going on in around us, not to mention the market trend changing. So some times even if we want to get the research results before the market activities taking place, but it won’t be happening. So we need to follow the trend and make better moves.

  26. This was a very interesting presentation. The fact that trends are the future and marketing research is the past is important to grasp. This way companies can realize that fad can be fleeting and it wont necessarily stick with whats popular, the trends. I also think its important that the slideshow acknowledged that companies should not separate themselves so far from the customers that are in the industry. This way firms can stay more on top of trends and their adaptations.

  27. It is key for Marketers to stay on top of trends and learn how to find trends to both stay on their game and keep track of competition. The ability to adapt can make or brake the future of the company. It is key to get to know the consumer on a personal level so the ability to adapt is much easier.

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