Some colors are meant to generate different emotions among consumers. Red is one such color — it can bring out the passion in people.


Looking to Generate Passion? Consider Using the Color Red

As Evan Brown writes for Designmantic:

“Red is a fierce color. Whether you use it for apparel or in any industry, it will invigorate the darkest and the brightest feelings alike. How so? Because, red is the color of passion and many key emotions get their appeal from this color. It delineates the intense emotions, such as, love, adventure, aggression, and so on. Read Robert Burn’s ‘Luve’ like a red, red rose, or check the 10 commandments of color theory to get the idea, would you?”

“The color encompasses hundreds of shades and values that only help in being more expressive. It has the quality of being loud and subtle as required. Long story short, it’s the perfect color to represent life as we perceive it with all its glamor and charms. The following infographic celebrates the status this color holds in our lives.”

Looking to Generate Passion? Consider Using the Color Red

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  1. Whenever I want to make a power statement I usually turn toward Red. Therefore, I can see how this article proves this point. I did not know that are 285 different shades of red. In my opinion, only true red will have the greatest impact on someone’s feeling of power and love. Lighter shades may give off a more calming feel that is not as in your face. If a company does not use the color properly then it will give off the wrong emotional state and can give the product the wrong appearance. A company needs to test the different shades to determine which will better suite their product and image.

  2. Although I found this article to be interesting in the way it strongly analyzed a color in a marketing perspective, I personally don’t perceive the color red in the same way that this article does. I feel as though many shades of blue, green and brown can stimulate the same emotions as the article claims red does. Couldn’t a soothing blue stimulate love and adventure the same as a red? I just don’t see what makes red so unique as a color.

    Matthew LoBiondo

  3. This post seems very interesting to me. I am also very into the red color. It means passion, energetic, sexy, danger, fire… However, using a color to express some thought is also a subtle way to speak. In the movie of American Beauty, the director uses red color to express his intention and thoughts: a teenager beauty under a bath or red roses–means the love of inhibition, sex and passion.

  4. In my mind, color is very important to be used in business, because psychologists say that some emotions of consumers could be stimulated by colors. In fast food restaurants, they always employ warm-toned colors, such as yellow, red, orange, and so forth, in that they want to increase the eating speed of customers. Different colors stand for distinguished moods, which consumers could directly feel. Therefore, marketers should use colors very well in the packages and advertisements to express the correct information with this way.

  5. When I think of the color red the first three businesses that come to my mind are Target, McDonalds, and Wendy’s, which are all huge companies in each of their respective sectors. In part, I think this is because like the beginning of the graphic says, red is the perfect color to depict extremes. It is memorable and striking to the eye, forcing people to pay attention to whatever it is displaying. This is a concept that can be translated amongst both genders, different cultures, and internationally. Based on what a company is trying to portray, color definitely plays a large factor.

  6. I’ve always perceived the color red to be too obvious to bring people in. I thought that it would intimidate consumers and therefore have a repelling effect, instead of an appeal. However, this article makes a lot of sense. I never put it together that Target, McDonalds and many other huge companies use red in advertisements. I think in the fashion industry red is used sparingly and that’s why it works. Christian Louboutin shoes, for example, have red-bottoms which is the companies signature and the draw for customers. I think that the pop of color is exciting and unusual and that is why the red pulls people in. I wonder if potentially too much red would have the opposite effect in marketing? People buy Christian Louboutin for the red-bottoms because that show everyone that the wearer is wearing expensive shoes. I don’t think that people buy the shoes for comfort because the shoes are incredibly uncomfortable. I think that the red pop is inviting and then the silhouette of the shoe is also appealing, but I do think that the red pulls them in.

    Michaela Cody, MKT 101 Section 1

  7. I agree that color must be carefully considered. The appearance of a brand is what first draws a consumer in, so first impressions can make or break a business. The color associated with the brand must reflect their intentions, while also being culturally appropriate depending on the target market/location. As this post points out, red is a much more fierce color. It does captivate the eye, but before choosing red to represent your label, make sure it fits with the aesthetic you are trying to promote.

  8. I would say the red color does make me feel aroused. There are brands such as Macy’s, Target, Beats, they all use red as the main color in their product design or store design to show energetic and inspiring images. Besides, as a Chinese, red means more to us. The main color on the national flag is red, and in Chinese culture red presents happiness. People usually dress in red(or with some red elements)in the Chinese New Year, and when people are getting married, traditional bride dress is red.

  9. I’ve noticed that businesses in many industries use red in their logos, packaging, etc. but didn’t know why aside from being able to gain attention and stand out from its surroundings. I recently read an article discussing how the use of red-headed models in commercials is becoming more and more popular. For example, Wendy’s has been using the red-headed model to catch viewers’ attention in their commercials that only have about 30 seconds of screen time.

  10. I agree with this post. Most people today think about love and passion when they see the color red. With the great promotion and participation in holidays like valentines day where red is used a lot this connection is justified. I think that companies will utilize this connection to the point where red doesn’t make consumers think of passion but promotion.

  11. In my opinion, colors are used as a great way to show both power and emotion. If you are to think of a company such as Pro-flowers they use colors such as purple and green that are warm and welcoming to grant consumers interest. When the color red comes to mind i tend to think less of a warm friendly color, and more of a fierce, strong, powerful statement. As this article states red depicts passion on top of drawing many peoples attention. I feel that this color should not be overused, but rather used just in the right matter to be both effective and subtle. If i were to open my own company, red would be the go to color for both marketing and advertising reasons.

  12. I totally agree with this post, different color really can give people different emotion, and there are many examples in our life, such as Ferrari(red), Apple(white), McDonald(yellow).The color is not only represent the culture of company but also make people remember the other words, choosing the right color for your company is very important, like Wendy’s is red,giving people happy and enthusiasm, in contrast, Hakkasan is black, full of luxury and majestic.

  13. I have always seen color as a significant component to anything that it applies to. They generate emotions and should not be overlooked. I have heard, for example, that yellow provokes irritation and green is calming. The 10 Commandments of Color Theory was very interesting along with the incorporated infographic which emphasizes the power of red. Red is a primary color, the first of the rainbow, and can evoke any feeling from violence or hate to desire or romance. I find it beautiful and adaptive for that reason. Many major industries incorporate the color red into campaigns or logos because they know it will subconsciously provoke consumers to respond and act in the manner that they want. It is a manipulative, yet very smart tactic.

  14. I never knew that the color red generated passion. This is a useful tool for marketers trying to implement pull strategies such as advertisement. The pull strategy is all about motivating the consumer, so using colors to get the consumer motivated is a wonderful idea in my opinion. As a marketer I would try to put the shade of red in all my advertisements.Since red is such an invigorating color using it to advertise sports drinks seems appropriate although gatorade likes to advertise yellow sports drinks because of their brand name. In sum, The using colors like red can shape the mood of consumers and is a great tool for any marketer.

  15. The color Red is used by Verizon, Target and McDonalds logos, red is an appetite-stimulating color, that is why food companies use red in their menus, napkins and tablecloths.
    For me the color Red is vibrant and happy.

  16. This blog really inspired me a lot. I also agree that color could be a very useful and important element we should consider and use when we design our marketing campaign. A great example is Mcdonald restaurants in China. They use the combination of red and yellow color for their layout. That is because red and yellow could boost consumer’s appetite for food. Another example is Apple’s iphone. We all know that iphone’s gold color edition is very popular in China. Because many consumers in China connect people who own Gold Color Products as a sign of successful and high social status. Moreover, many famous rock bands prefer black color when they did their album promotions. That is easy to understand. Blank color represent cool to young people.

  17. Color is incredibly important to a brand identity. People choose brands they recognize therefore choosing the right color that differentiates the brand from the competitors is critical. Color has an impact on how the brand is perceived and reflects the personality of the brand. However, factors such as personal preference, individual experiences, upbringing, cultural differences, etc., influence the impact specific colors have on people. While reading the corporate guidelines I received from corporate communications, from the new corporation who just acquired our company, I found out that the PMS485 red color that must be used in the Oerlikon logo, proudly represents the company’s Swiss nationality. According to these guidelines, it’s important for our organization to be recognized as a Swiss enterprise. I wonder if when our publics in the US see the red Oerlkion logo at trade shows or advertisements, if they think Swiss first?

  18. Red is indeed a special color which is loved by a lot of people, especially women. In eastern wedding, red is indispensable because it stands for love, passion, and happiness. Besides that, think about sports car, red is actually the representative color of Ferrari. However, red is also negative in a point of view, it looks like blood, it means violence. Anyway, what the color red means depends on how marketers use it.

  19. I never knew that red was a color that displayed passion. By using the color red, marketers can clearly display their message to consumers. If I were a marketer, I would encompass red into all of my messages to gain as much attention as possible. This color can control the mood that each item that is released by monitoring the amount of red and the color variations.

  20. Red is love. Most America people like using red is that it represent many good things. It means blood, heart, passion, energy, mistakes, experience, etc. Red is bright and important. What I think is culture difference. Difference country has different passion for color red. In China, red is rarely used in the advertisements. Sometimes it is orange or pink, but not red. The reason is that in the past wars lots of people lose their lives in the land of China and an old sentence said that blood forms river. If we see red color in the TV, we may scared. However, for American people, they prefer to red color to give them warn or warm. So different country may be have different explanation for the color red. But it must a long story to know about.

  21. I agree about how Red is an enforcing color. Thinking about the companies that incorporate red in their logo, it pushes the strength in their products. Such as Red Bull- making the consumer believe it will make them strong and unbreakable. McDonalds uses red advertising to show a steady business and stable.KFC, using red as a staple as a long running tradition that is still going strong. Red is a color for companies to enforce strength and confidence in the consumer and the company itself.

  22. Color plays such a large role in our lives yet it is not something that is a conscious feeling. This post highlights a very important lesson for marketers to learn early on and that is the fact that even the smallest details play a significant role in the success of our campaign. While consumers may not realize that a particular color is the reason that they are having a reaction, as marketers we should know that that is the reaction that we want and use a specific color to bring that emotion about.

  23. I think red has more meaning than any other colors. Some good and some bad, but overall there are many meaning associated with it. It can represent passion, urgency, stoppage, love, flavor, political affiliation, and more. Red is a good color to choose when you are picking a color for your company but many industry already have a leader that uses the color for their logo. In that case, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to come up with your own unique color that can remind consumers of your company when they see the color.

  24. Actually ,marketing is based on the psychology. This article just reveals a very specific point. The red color can generate the passion. That is why so many logos are with the red color. such as Netflix and Youtube. And we can see the red color word with the discount information on the flyer or Internet. It is to get consumer’s attention and make consumers take into action as quickly as possible.

  25. I think this topic is very interesting. Different Colour do express different feeling to people. The colours on the warm side of the spectrum – such as red and yellow. Red colour is a symbol of high energy, warmth, passion. For a company to effectively ‘own’ a colour can provide an enormous competitive advantage, achieving instant recognition. It reminds me some very popular red color logo of companies, like Coca-Cola and Target. Color play an important role in marketing.

  26. it is interesting to relate color to marketing. And the color red is absolutely plays an important role in our daily life. It is highly noticeable and delivering a feeling of passion, hot, and energy. However, it is also can make people feel nervous and intense.In China, the red color in stock market means decrease, bear market instead of increasing, bull market in other countries, like America. Therefore, culture difference may effect people think of red. In addition, As Evan Brown stated ”Red is a fierce color.” Some people will see red as passion, but others may see it as anxious, aggressive. It depends on the mood of that person and how he/she feels about color.

  27. I found this article interesting because it shows just how extensive marketing goes to persuade people. My marketing 101 paper was on the pharmaceutical industry and part of my paper looked at the marketing strategy that one company used for several of their medications. There were four medications that each had their own website and each had a distinct color attached to them. A medication geared to women was entirely different shades of red and the drug treated a skin condition. The website gave off an impression that their medication would give a woman her passion back – that clear, soft skin would re-ignite her life. The red was definitely used effectively, but also uncomfortably. I’m not comfortable with marketers trying to convince people that a medication is best for them, especially when these medications are often new and have higher risks.

  28. Colors work a lot on people’s emotion, attitude, and purchasing tendency if we talk about business. This is a common concept nowadays, and I hear that there are specialists analyzing the personalized colors.
    Chinese people prefer red color more, and if you check my head portrait of my blog, I wear a red coat. I agree with the idea in this article that red is a symbol of passion. Besides, it is useful to stimulate purchasing. First of all, red is brilliant, moreover, it makes customers feel a good mood and a strong desire to buy something.
    Different colors have different influences. It is necessary for us to learn this interesting relation between colors and consumers.

  29. One theme in advertising classes that I’ve taken at SUNY Albany (and I assume classes all over the world) is color. When making advertisements, color means everything. Different shades and hues of colors generate various feelings and associations. Yellows and oranges are associated with optimism, friendship, and happiness. Blue generates a feeling of trust, dependence, and strength. Many banks and home improvement companies use the color blue in their logos. This infographic shows all of the colors and emotions they evoke.

  30. I could not agree more with this. When rebranding our firm, we strictly looked at how the color schemes we were picking would influence potential clients. Red was one of the ones we did not want to use, as it shows passion and fire. Green just translates to money and for an accounting firm, we wanted to show we were more than just “after your cash”. We stuck on a light gold-yellowish, very inviting. I think this article showed a real emotional tie to the color red and is something all firms who are rebranding or looking to create a new logo should highly consider.

  31. This article was pretty interesting! It explains how extensive marketing persuade people and their decisions. it is also interesting how color and marketing can go hand in hand. the color red is absolutely plays an immense role in everything. i notice that some of the things we enjoy in life has to do with the color red, which is actually very smart as It is very out there and noticeable. to take it a step further, even some logos still put a little red like many fast food chains including Mcdonald’s, Chick-fil-A, and Checkers.

  32. We see colors every where but we don’t notice them too much. But in fact, we can use colors send messages without word, or with matching colors, words could work in a beeter way. In marketing, phsycology is very useful, the color could make a content more effective or destroy it. We need to consider color as one element of content and see the power of color.

  33. This is interesting research that highlights how perception can be altered by simple things like color choice. It has the potential of going even deeper by invoking psychological research to describe why exactly the color red can lead to the described changes, thus creating a powerful link between marketing and psychology.

  34. Whenever i think of color and marketing, i think of chinese food resturants using Yellow and red signage, that just always seem to capture my attention. Aside from that, colors generate different ideas in someones mind. I do believe that this colors work a great deal with peoples emotions and general attitudes towards an ad or product. However, not everyone is alike, and the same colors might not work with everyone

  35. Grabbing someone’s visual attention is a great strategy to grab their interest as well. Red is a very vibrant, passionate color; something that will definitely draw someone’s eye. Marketing with colors is a skill marketers develop. Different colors are psychologically linked to different feelings. It is most important to keep colors in mind while creating a design because it could make or break what you’re trying to say.

  36. I find this very interesting. I never thought that color would be a key factor in a marketing strategy. Although it may seem a little far fetched to me I can see how it appeals to people even at a subconscious level. It is also interesting that red can represent so many different things at once, appealing to a bigger market.

  37. I’ve always seen red as a powerful color and it is interesting to read that it plays a role in marketing. Eyes are always drawn to red and I feel that red is a statement color. Red is such a statement color that people will always notice something that is red.

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