Are you a regular — or even infrequent — Tweeter? If yes, do you always pause before posting a Tweet? Have you ever made a Tweet that you wish you could take back? Well, once it’s posted, somebody will see it. So, think before posting!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Consider these tips from Nivida.


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  1. I personally do not think before I tweet if i rarely do, in my opinion tweeting or retweeting is just done on impulse and sometimes impulse can be funny. Twitter is just as public as any other social network like Facebook for example, so i am careful not to post anything an employer would frown upon. Social media can lead to disaster but also success, it is all about how you implement the tools given to you. In sum, I would argue that tweeting is a necessary evil in this world.

  2. Ever since I have entered college I started to try and become more conscious of what I tweet/retweet. I know that companies, other colleges, your colleagues, and peers can just look you up and gather opinion about you just by searching you on twitter. What some, including myself, tweet and/or retweet things that may not exactly portray their true personality. That’s why I have tried to become more careful when it comes to tweeting because one day it could be used against you.

  3. I have definitely minimized my use of social media networks like twitter for the reason that the posts are visible forever. I really do not think that it is fair that someone has the ability to look at your tweets from years back and judge you based on what you wrote. This is what happened in the Trevor Noah controversy (the new Daily Show host). The controversy was over tweets that he had written that were inappropriate to the public eye. I really hope that my nonsense tweets from my adolescent years won’t resurface and eventually come back to haunt me one day.

  4. Everytime, I tweet something or retweet I always think twice and make sure, in doing so it will not harm me in the future. Although my account is private, there are always ways people can gain access to my information, and Ive come to realize I need to be very careful of what I tweet becasue there could always be something to come back and harm me.

  5. Things posted on the internet are there forever. Even if they have been deleted, someone saw it and it is permanent. This internet downfall is unfortunate because it has become such a large part of everyday life. However, it does not have to be a negative if everyone is smart about what they post. This means thinking about what you say, before you hit send or submit. Twitter specifically, is known for being a very spontaneous application. You type your thoughts, and hit send, nothing else to it, but there is. Tweets are public and viewable to all people on the internet, so in order to avoid trouble in the future, one should tweet responsibly, as Nivida proposed in their slide show.

  6. Not for tweet,even for Facebook or any social media tool, we need to think and post them. That is responsible for us and our friends. I always see my friend post some comments without respect for their friends or professor. I think that is rude. For another question is what we should post. Anything? I think for business, it should be some educational information more than critical ones. For personal information, it just can be public for your friends. If you do not think it is right, it is ok to only show to your friends and not in public. Tweet has 130 characteristics and hard to know how to write properly. But tweet is like a business card for yourself. It represent you in the online world. It helps you to do advertisement for you to your friends. So be careful about what you said, because it is who you are.

  7. I don’t tweet that often and every tweet I do I think about it before I publish it. I always think in advance to see what I put on social media can be used against me in a negative way. There are many stories about people posting things on social media that prevent them from getting the job. I don’t want to be one of those people so I always double check what I put on social media because even if it’s deleted it’s still public information.

  8. I always double check before I make something public. I always make sure that when I make something public on social media that it can’t be used against me. By double checking the things I post it eliminates the chances of posting something that a company can use against me in the future. There are many instances where when someone has posted something on social media it has prevented them from getting a job. I try to make sure that it won’t happen to me by always double checking every thing I post.

  9. Inappropriate words online are always enlarged. People talk about it and twist it even you donโ€™t really mean anything offensive. The negative effect may be worse than we thought. It is very important for firms to avoid saying anything like that. It is wise not to talk anything sensitive, such as religion and politics, just like tips provides in the article.

  10. I always think in advance before I publish something online, because the internet have larger impact than we thought. So I will think if the article or image I’m gonna post is appropriate. I don’t want my articles or images have negative impact on the internet. In addition, Tweets are public and viewable by anyone on internet, so we have to be careful and double check our contents and images if they are appropriate. I think nobody want to get trouble from a tweet.

  11. I like that word twitter responsibly. It is so true! Even it is your personal micro blog, since it will be open to the public, you should think about if the the content you are going to post is appropriate. Sometime a stupid word might give you trouble, there are so many examples that people said bad and hateful things on their twitter account, but after people found out their really identity, they had to end up with apologies.

  12. Posting anything on any social media especially twitter is often treated as if it were to be spontaneous. Most of these tips involve too much time, thought, and effort on a single posting than most people care to give. If we can get people to look over their content long enough to realize their grammar and spelling is off then we can begin to focus on some of these bigger issues, but even that seems unlikely.

  13. This is an extremely important point. Thinking before doing anything is vital to success especially in todayโ€™s digital world. The ease of posting takes away the feeling that something needs to be reviewed prior to going public. It seems as though people take for granted that, despite the fact that it takes five minutes to publish something, not only can the whole world see it but it is near impossible to remove it for good. Marketers and the general public need to remember to double and triple check their posts prior to making them public.

  14. I’m not the type to usually tweet, but when I do, I always think of my tweet, possible reactions and how the tweet will affect others including myself. I don’t usually update my status on social media sites but when I do I think about what I’m going to say before I post it. I believe that anything that is posted will always be used towards the user in the future. Someone could be bad mouthing a boss or company, and a future employer can be looking at the tweets and avoid hiring this person due to the lack of confidentiality and seeing the things the person is broadcasting about their former employer. Whatever is tweeted is never deleted. There are always records with IP address of the tweets where it was sent from and what time, and people can always save the tweets and blackmail the user in a future time.

  15. I also thought about this before. I am a person who is very serious about the postings on my social media websites. Since even though you think those are your personal websites, they are actually open to the public and everyone will see them. I am very careful about the grammar, wording and objects of the tweets I post because I don’t want to be seen as a boring and careless person. Sometimes a stupid word or bad grammar might give people a image that you are careless and not smart. Also, for celebrities, they have to care about their postings much more than us, because saying something wrong will get them in trouble.

  16. Everybody has the right to speak out his/her thoughts and opinions. That’s the idea of Tweet. Tweet is really a good way to share people’s feelings and things in daily life. I enjoyed the freedom of expressing myself before. However, with more and more friends, relatives and colleagues joining Tweet, I have to consider before tweet: will these words make anybody unhappy or do they disturb other people’s life? As a result, I can not post what I want to say at that moments. As a whole , I strongly agree that people should pay attention to their words when talking about some serious topics and always keep the manner.

  17. The theme of this blog is about the user behaviors on the twitter, but I think the bullet points on the slides share also can be noticed on other social media websites. I have seen and listened the HR managers will search their candidates on the social media websites more than once. There is no doubt that your social media accounts are used to share your interests or feeling, but I think keeping them in a positive atmosphere is better. Also, you should make sure your followers can have comfortable user experiences, so no only do not post annoying contents, but also do not post spam. I think sometimes when your followers see the above things, they will unfollow you, or block you. Overall, I should say post responsibly on the social media websites. For others, also for yourself.

  18. In my opinion, for individuals, the contents of your tweeting are free of standards and could be everything you want. However, from my own experience, if you want to obtain more followers or now you have had lots of ‘fans’, you would have to focus more on the quality of your tweets. Humorous expression, concise words and attractive photos with right colors and sizes should be consistent with each other which will maximize the effect of this post. For companies, tweets are required to be more responsible to represent the image of companies and benefits of viewers, not such a easy thing if you just post irrelevant contents and offensive topics. Therefore no matter who you are individuals or companies, it is necessary to think before tweet.

  19. When I was younger, I definitely used to tweet a lot more than i do today. Now the only reasons i really go on twitter is to check up on the celebrity gossip. For example I checked twitter to find out the name of the new royal baby. I think everyone should be cautious as to what they post on any social media site and need to keep in mind they other people may not have the same opinions that you have. Today you here all about celebrities posting unnecessary comments on twitter that cause a lot of attention. Those tweets are probably the biggest example of what not to do on twitter. We must also be cautious about what we test for job purposes. We might have our social mediate sites on private, but ANYONE can find your profiles, especially jobs. So we all must think before we tweet.

  20. This is a neat little PSA to remind Twitter users that it is still important to be careful about what you post to the Internet. It is important to be reminded of this every once in a while because it is easy to forget that what is put on the Internet will stay on the Internet. The words we write now could be seen by future employers.

  21. I have always been cautious of what I tweet and retweet. With it being so easy to find anyone’s social media account today, I tend to not post often on any of mine. I believe that this article should be read by all active people on social media because people often don’t know how easy it is to find profiles through search engines, and even if a profile is private potential bosses and companies can still see what the person posts.

  22. I opened a Twitter account just 2 years ago when I first time entered into the United States, but the total tweets I post are limited. I believe this is a common sense for us Chinese students because some social webs are blocked in China including Tweeter. However, we have the Weibo that is very similar to Tweeter.
    It is a very interesting topic because it happens around us all the time. For me, I have ever regretted posting something, and I often pause when typing a tweet. Therefore, think before posting is very necessary. We need to have the ability of responsibility although it is the virtual network. We should care more about others’ feeling and follow the rules that are mentioned in the PowerPoint above.

  23. I created a twitter for myself about a year ago because I felt like I was missing out on things that my friends knew about already. I think I’ve tweeted maybe 10 things since I started it. Whenever I post anything on social media I always make sure to reread what I wrote and make sure it makes sense. I like to click on the link again too if i add one, like the slideshow said, because it would be embarrassing to put the wrong link. I just feel like anything you publish on the internet should be something that you wouldn’t mind many people seeing.

  24. As a music artist, I ALWAYS think before I tweet! Many careers have been soiled due to unintentional leaks of information on social medias. Links on tweets are also easy to post incorrectly! Make sure you never regret what you post.

  25. In my opinion, these tips to tweeting where not that helpful. They are all common sense when you post anything to any social media site. However, I do believe some people need to pause before they post because some people just put out whatever without considering the consequence. Or people post without knowing the meaning behind a certain hashtag. It is better to not tweet then tweet something without knowing all the details.

  26. I can confidently say that when I tweet, I don’t think very in depth on what I am saying or the repercussions. It is true in fact that once something is posted on the internet, there is no going back or getting rid of it, even though we may think it goes away once we click delete. A trail is always left behind of our tracks and what websites we visit or what we download and say. Students especially need to become more aware of what they post or do on the internet because when it comes to searching for a job, things that we did in our teenage years may come back to haunt us.

  27. Consciousness when it comes to words is a lesson teachable to people when it comes to their individual online use as well as companies. Quick tweets can be used efficiently–for example during the power outage at the Superbowl, Oreo tweeted an image with the caption: “You can still dunk in the dark”. This shows a great power to a quick message. However, many tweets can be misinterpreted. This reminds businesses of the power behind words.

  28. It’s funny… As I grow more mature as does my Twitter account. I don’t even want to think about what was being retweeted or shared when I was a freshman in college, but now I think about everything before posting. I look at it as if I was a job recruiter, would I hire this person? I make sure all opinions are not controversial and that everything is appropriate. In the duration of my undergraduate campaign, my tweets went from drinking and partying to interning and working in a very gradual change. Everyone changes and this platform could be a key indicator of that.

  29. I don’t use Twitter but I think these lessons can be applied to any other social media sites. There is a Korean saying that just because you have a mouth, that doesn’t mean you can say anything. I think this applies to anything you share with the public. My own personal policy is that don’t say anything that you don’t want to show your friends, family, coworker, boss, and children simultaneously. Also I try to avoid posting something that’s only relevant to a few people. I do agree that anything political or religious is just asking for trouble.

  30. We witnessed a lot of these examples already. Social media is a great invention which enhanced the social life of people. If you ask me how did I share my I ideas before social media. That was a mind-blowing fact that the ideas we shared can only reach a little number of people. But now, the social media can bring your information to every corner of the world. Especially the information will spread much faster when it is a bad news or influence. As I am no more a social media addict, I can understand why people like to share, or I may say show off, of the world. Actually people should care more about it.

  31. That is the reason why i deleted my facebook, barely post on insatagram, and overall I have greatly minimized usage of social media networks.No matter what the posts stay and can come back to haunt me! An individual can be doing so well in his life in the present, but his job can track what he used to do in the past and he will be in deep trouble. For example, my cousin is a marketing consultant for myprotein supplements, and his co-worker got fired because they found a video of him dancing in speedos. obviously he was having fun being a fool, but yet his boss got rid of him in an instant.

  32. In nowadays , we can find that the power of social media is huge. People’s comments on one blog or tweet can hugely affect the bloggers. Because the expansion speed for social media is really fast. This article just gives us some good suggestions for our brand management. We all should responsible , careful for our comments in the social media. So we should avoid talking about the politics topics and make the writing corrections on our blog. They are really important .

  33. Actually I can not really totally agree with the article, personally speaking, I do not really think before tweeting. In my opinion, people tweets for fun and telling whatever is happening they want to share. It is like you set up a fire unconsciously, you will just leave it there, sometimes it will burn down a lot of things, sometimes it will just die down gradually. People tweeting for fun is the mainstream. Thinking before tweet of course is important but it is kind of sacrificing the origin purpose of tweeting.

  34. I’m not an advent tweeter, but i do agree with this message about twitter. I’ve seen people do social experiments where they’ll have pictures of them holding a sign saying things like “if this tweet gets ___ likes then ___”. Then the photos will get tons of retweets and thos retweets are not indicative of how many people have seen that photo. Do be careful when posting stuff on the internet, it travels farther than one would expect.

  35. For normal personal account, the dangerous of Tweet is not as big as Celebrities’ or Companies. I don’t like Tweet my oersonal life of blog it, because many people forget jow easy the strangers could use these information in a bad way. I think for social media safety, normal people should notice that the personal information should not apper on any socail media. My suggestion is manage the socail media account and delate the personal Tweet in time.

  36. Nowadays, social media profiles like twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. play a large role in how we would like to be perceived by the world.
    We often forget that what we post is public and open to not only friends and family but colleges or future employers. Because of this, it’s important to always double check what you’re posting online. I thought this article from Dallas news was interesting, and a great representation over what can happen if you don’t watch your social media. A Rockets social media manager was just recently fired over a nasty tweet before a Dallas Mavericks / rockets game.

  37. Twitter has become a social media network that has taken over the world, and many people have signed up to this site. However, there are some people who just don’t think before they post comments. It is important to recognize that even though your account may be on private, your information may still be public. Especially during a time when future employers may ask for your social media account, it is important to avoid any nasty or hateful comments on twitter, for the sake of your future.

  38. Personally I don’t think before I tweet, but often times I will later delete a tweet that I feel should not be out there for everyone to see. We can often forget that social media is accessed by people who may hire us in the future and that they will actually go and look through our social media accounts. It is so important that we consider our futures and our reputations when using social media. As a frequent twitter user, I probably won’t stop tweeting but I will start to think more about what I am posting.

  39. Whenever I tweet or post pictures to Instagram I have to double check everything to make sure there isn’t anything that I wouldn’t want the world to see. Especially in todays world when companies can look at social media during the hiring process it is important to be responsible using all social media. Hundreds of millions of people are able to see your tweets at any given time so it is crucial to market yourself positively on social media outlets.

  40. As a Social Media inter I 100% agree with this. Companies are constantly getting heat for saying non appropriate things and social media and seriously damages profits. It is key for companies to keep consumers happy both with products and social media.

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