Marketing budgets in 2015 are expected to grow, in some cases, for the first time in years.

As Nicola Cooper reports for Responsys:

“The Econsultancy Marketing Budgets Report 2015, created in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, delves into marketers’ expected spend for the coming year and is a great opportunity to see whether you are facing similar challenges to the rest of the industry and inform your priorities for the year.”

“Because a customer’s decision to buy now involves many interactions with a brand, delivering an orchestrated approach is essential for any brand to attract and retain customers. It’s clear that our industry is aware of this; this year’s report indicates that nearly three quarters (74%) of the companies surveyed believe they are working towards delivering unified customer experiences, rather than standalone campaigns or interactions. In addition, 71% of the companies surveyed say that they are focusing on ‘breaking down internal silos to better co-ordinate and integrate [their] marketing efforts’. Marketers are unifying marketing strategy as well as unifying the marketing teams delivering those campaigns.”

“More generally, the findings also indicate that marketers are more likely to be increasing overall budgets for the year ahead than at any time since the launch of our first Marketing Budgets Report in 2010, during the height of the economic crisis. Winning areas include marketing technologies and digital marketing, as a result of stronger boardroom support.”

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  1. I think this is very good news for anybody that is looking for a Marketing Job this year, or of course to someone that already have experience in the field.
    Investments in the department will create new jobs.

  2. With the increasing reliance on the social media, modern consumers regard their mobiles as the primary tools in daily lives. And companies clearly notice the trend of customer behaviors and allocate substantial funding to implement the advanced technology for digital marketing. Also the long-term commitment to the digital marketing technology would allow those firms to gain competitive advantages since customers would prefer those companies who could renovate their shopping experiences and offer the desired services and products.

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