Have you ever wondered how difficult it is to prepare your own colorful, fact-filled, dynamic infographics?

Well, Erik Devaney, writing for HubSpot, shows how simple this is via a series of tips and examples. So, get started on your own infographics. 🙂

A 2014 study shows that the use of infographics among B2B marketers increased 9% from 2013 to 2014: from 43% adoption to 52% adoption. And a recent report from Social Media Examiner shows that original, visual content is the number one form of content that marketers want to learn more about in 2015.”

“But how can those who don’t necessarily have a design background — or the budget to commission an agency, hire a dedicated in-house designer, or purchase expensive design software — create professional-looking infographics that are able to captivate their audiences? We’re so glad you asked! Here’s a little secret: You can do it using the software you probably already have installed on your computer. That’s right! PowerPoint can be your best friend when it comes to visual content creation.”

“And to help you get started, we’ve created 10 fabulous infographic templates you can download and use for free right within PowerPoint.”

Click the image to learn more.



12 Replies to “Infographics Made Simple”

  1. Infographics have always caught my eye when they appear on my feed for any form of social media. Their format allows key information to be simplified and condensed into a basic and aesthetically pleasing way. Many readers, including myself, are interested in what information an infographic has to offer. They are very effective, and I do agree that companies should look into using them as a primary way to release information to prospective customers.

  2. I was not aware that power point had all those templates available, the info graphics are great for websites.
    It looks very professional.
    The timeline template is very good when explaining for example the history of a company.

  3. Infographics are a great marketing technique, I did not know you were able to make them with powerpoint and how easy they were to make. I did figure that they were more efficient in marketing process though. I like the data geek infographic in the photo, It clearly articulates the separation of information and makes something that could be confusing easy for a consumer to read. In sum, I would recommend these methods to all marketers.

  4. This article remind me visual content marketing tactics for social media platforms. Infographics is a good way to attract prospects. And original, visual content is more attract prospects on social media. Before I thought it’s difficult to create a original infographics by myself. But after I saw this article, I learned a lot and inspired me to create visual content in a new way.

  5. Good to know that theres an affordable way to make infographics. They look really well done, and make any presentation or data a lot easier to understand and more appealing. I don’t usually use info graphics, but will try one next time it comes in handy using Powerpoint!

  6. Infographics are a great marketing tool. They put lots of information into very little space on paper. I had no idea powerpoint was a way to make one of them. Infographics are very important because lots of people look at this form of marketing maybe sometimes more than the big signs. Since there so small they could be found in a variety of places and are quick and easy to read, This combo make infographics a great and effective marketing tool,

  7. These links are super helpful! I had absolutely no idea that many of these ways of editing slides or creating infographics were available through Microsoft Powerpoint. I love infographics because many times people are much better at remembering and processing information when they interpret it via an image, as compared to making sense of textual information.

  8. Infographics are a wonderul marketing tool that keep a companies marketing message clearcut and right to the point. Rather then just reading an ad off of a piece of paper, my mind will recognize the design and color, and be able to figure out what company it is advertising. (sorta like a company logo)

  9. Admittedly, I enjoy infographics for their fast, easy informational value. But I have recently noticed how short of an attention span that I have developed from the ways in which information/ideas are presented, and I would wager to say other people are having similar experiences. News and ideas are so often presented now in the form of an infographic or numeric list, that when an article is not presented in such a matter, I find myself less inclined to actually read it. I think it’s important that readers do not lose the ability/desire to read actual articles because we become used to having quick information spat at us.

  10. I feel like infographics are very important for marketers and advertisers. I know that for me, and I assume others too, it’s more enjoyable to read facts if they’re accompanied by charts, images, and easy to read graphs. A colorful series of infographics is so much more inviting than a page filled with boring statistics. Especially in a society that’s so focused on social media and getting facts quickly, infographics make so much more sense.

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