Social media behavior has been shifting by platform among young people. This phenomenon has been the subject of a lot of research.

As reported by eMarketer, a new study by the Intelligence Group found that: “Nearly three-quarters of 14- to 18-year-olds in the U.S. said they used YouTube ‘frequently,’ compared with 60% who said the same for Facebook. Those ages 19 to 24 accessed YouTube more than Facebook, but there was just a 1-percentage-point difference between the two. The 25-to-34-year-old age group was significantly more likely to use Facebook than YouTube.”

And, interestingly, YouTube viewing fell for 25-to-34 year olds while Facebook viewing increased. Participation with iTunes, Instagram, and Twitter lags far beyond YouTube and Facebook for young people.

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  1. After reading this article I can agree with the statistics that it must be true for the reason that I am in the particular age group of 19-24 who use Youtube more than facebook. Perhaps it is the entertainment value that has the attention of young people. Facebook now has more adds and less status’s and pictures posted and shared by their friends. This has drawn the attention away from Facebook and towards Youtube.

  2. Among the 19 to 24 demographic, facebook does seem to be declining in popularity, though it is still popular. In a time where fast entertainment is highly valued, youtube will remain popular with certain age groups. It’s interesting to note that the 25 to 34 age group preferred facebook to youtube, possibly due to a different mindset and set of responsibilities than the younger groups.

  3. Trends popular in one generation always have a habit of fading out of popularity by the next generation. Facebook sliding our of popularity and being replaced is kind of a given. I just assumed that the same would happen with Youtube. I though Vine or some other video site would just take the market space that Youtube currently fills.

  4. I think it is caused by the present form of each social media. Compare to Facebook and Youtube, Instagram and Twitter seem have limited information form like only a small picture and less information like only 140 words limit per tweet. However, youtube has video, which can present more information than a picture. And Facebook contains everything. About the difference between age, maybe the young people are more likely to get their information from a motion picture and voice than read some article which is shared on Facebook.

  5. I believe that Facebook has become almost outdated to younger generations because of how many new social media sites are being created. I would think that Youtube will always be high up the chart of social media sites because of the variety of videos it has. I can see Facebook changing alot to attract the younger generations again.

  6. I thought this was interesting and I can see why some generations are using some sites more than others. I feel that my generation began using Facebook when it was up and coming so were getting past that and moving on to other forms of social media. Facebook is slowly dying for younger generations but now older generation are catching up and are using it more often.

  7. It’s so weird how much things have changed over the year. I remember in high school you were considered weird if you didn’t have a facebook. Now as I’ve grown you’re considered weird if you’re still obsessed with your facebook. It seems to me that the only people who regularly post on facebook are about 30 years old and up.

  8. A day without social media websites could be equated to prison for a college student. No matter where you are, what your major is, or how old you are, social media is everywhere. I was a little surprised to hear those between the ages of 19-24 use YouTube more than Facebook. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they download music to listen to while doing homework since that age is most likely college students. In terms of iTunes, it is clear why it has dropped. Nobody pays for music anymore and most people don’t need to see the iTunes top 100 to know what to download. With Spotify, YouTube, and free converter sites iTunes is now just where your music is stored.

  9. I think its so strange that YouTube is the leading social network for teens between 14 and 18. I never even thought of YouTube as a social network. I know my friends and I predominantly use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so I thought Facebook and Instagram would be the top ones. It’s no wonder that the older people get, the more they use Facebook and the less they use YouTube. Older people usually use Facebook more to connect with old friends and such.

  10. I found it very interesting that the viewership for YouTube in the 25-35 age category has fallen. The more I think about it though, it makes sense. I have seen more and more adults posting on Facebook, specifically “sharing” videos. Because of this trend, it seems like that age group has no need for YouTube when the videos they want to watch are accessible through Facebook.

    1. Although Facebook is still pretty relevant for the 14-24 year old age group, its popularity is and has been slowly declining. I know for me personally, facebook contains a lot of ads and different posts that seem useless to me. On the contrary, as the studies show, the 25-35 year old age group is very likely to be using facebook. In my opinion, this is because this age group uses the website to connect with old friends and post different statuses about their families. For the younger generations, YouTube is a better form of entertainment, providing music, videos, and even access to different movies and television shows.

  11. YouTube is a great resource for finding and watching videos, made even better that it is free to use. Facebook and YouTube are not mutually exclusive social media platforms, and often you will find them integrated. Most people who use YouTube are not creating and uploading their own videos. The two sites work hand in hand and offer different services. A reason YouTube may be gaining so much popularity among the younger generation is that it most likely does not require you to be connected with the uploader in order to view the content.

  12. I have no problem understanding these statistics essentially stating that older generations spend less time on youtube than they do on facebook and vice versa. Facebook has been losing popularity in terms of how long someone spends on it. I know that I still check it occasionally, but I do spend much more time on youtube; it is not a site that you can just check for updates then close. I have noticed in addition, that my mother spends more time on facebook than I do now. In fact, I see that she and her friends on facebook view most of their videos by clicking on what others have posted to facebook. In addition, I feel that the new appeal could still be there for people 10-15 years older whereas the thrill has seemed to disappear for most ages 19-24.

  13. I can agree with these statistics. Being in the 19-24 age group, I can agree that I use facebook way more than youtube. Vine and facebook videos are way better than youtube and whatever I want to see on youtube, most likely will come up on my news feed. Although, with the percentage for instagram being so low, I use instagram way more than I even use facebook. Facebook as I get older is getting more and more overrated and too many changes are occurring.

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