Zavers by Google is a new entry into digital couponing (which is becoming extremely popular. The service is b-to-b — since customers are businesses. But the end user (the shopper) is the one driving digital couponing growth.

As the Web site puts it: “Zavers by Google is a fast and easy way to offer the right coupons to the right shoppers, expand rewards programs, and track redemption in real-time. Shoppers find the manufacturer discounts on their favorite retailer Web sites and add the digital coupons to their online cards. Savings are automatically deducted at checkout when shoppers swipe their rewards card or type in their phone numbers — no scanning or sorting necessary.”

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  1. What is interesting about Zavers is that it takes out the paper element of coupons and converts it for this advancing digital age. Secondly it is benefiting more than one party, the consumer and the company distributing to the customer, the consumer is able to save some money on there purchases while the company is also able to increase their revenue in that more people will want to purchase from a company that sells affordable goods, which makes the consumer feel that they are not being cheated.

  2. I think that the new digital couponing service Zavers is providing is incredibly beneficial to both shoppers and retailers. This service helps create customer loyalty because shoppers will be willing to return to a store and by the store’s products if they know they are getting a good deal without having to do a lot of work. With this service, shoppers can find and coupon online, be reminded of their coupons at the store, and automatically be discounted for their purchases at checkout. This saves both the shopper and the employee time at the checkout line. Additionally, Zavers appeals to environmentalists because it limits the amount of paper that goes into producing and using coupons. I think this product is one that will become increasingly popular in the upcoming months.

  3. I was so intrigued when reading this blog post, it is very exciting that couponing is becoming easier and more accessible to the general public. As seen in shows much like Extreme Couponing on TLC, individuals devote all their time and even give up their jobs to coupon. With Zavers couponing is more efficient and easier for everyone to use. It has made couponing less stressful, more environmentally friendly, and more beneficial to both parties involved.

  4. Zavers by Google sounds like an innovative way to bring business to companies as well as bargains to customers. I think one of the most convenient things about Zavers is that everything is in one place and easily accessible. A customer can quickly apply their coupons by handing the cashier their rewards card, and from there, all their coupons they’ve previously looked up can be retrieved. Who wouldn’t want to save money so easily? And for businesses, it’s a great marketing tool to get customers in their stores and shopping for their products. I think Zavers will be a huge success because it’s easy, quick, and beneficial for both producers and consumers.

  5. I think this is a great way for companies to target their audience easier. The best thing about this rewards program is that it is very easy for the customer all they have to do is swipe a card and everything they’ve clicked online goes directly into their card. By doing this we are also moving forward into the digital age of coupons, where everything is online. You can not lose track of or misplace coupons any longer, even if you lose your rewards card you can always give your phone number and it is as if you never lost anything. That is why I think this is a great way of couponing.

  6. This B2B service is really an easy sell for Google. They already collect every piece of information they can collect from consumers. Most all of Google’s revenue comes from their online advertising and analytics which would be the backbone of Zavers meaning for Google this is a good deal. One facet about this that makes me leery is how for the consumer this seems to be a little complicated. It requires at least a loyalty card for the consumer and it looks like the type of people who this appeals to already do some form of this with the companies anyway.

  7. This is a perfect business to business tool. People are always looking to save money, and what Google is doing by creating this service is genius. Google can track what interests you by remembering what searches you have put into their search bar, so this is a perfect tool for them to use. I believe that this will bring in a lot of money for the company. However, it may be difficult for some supermarkets or other convenience stores to accept these coupons. I think that once Zavers is adopted in a multitude of stores (which it definitely will be), this innovation will be revolutionary.

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