Chipotle has just introduced a new marketing campaign (“The Scarecrow from Chipotle”), complete with the video below and a related game (available here): “Join Chipotle and the Scarecrow on a journey to bring real food back to the people. Play the game, watch the animated short film, and find out how to take action.”

Consider these observations about the campaign from Hallie Steiner, writing for the JWT Anxiety Index: “While many are praising the film’s message, others have called it fear marketing that takes advantage of urban consumers’ ideological anxieties. While the film does stoke anxieties, it’s likely targeted at consumers already harboring concerns about their food and looking for alternatives.”

Watch the video and tell us what YOU think. 



12 Replies to “At Chipotle: A Good and Socially Responsible Campaign?”

  1. I don’t have a problem with the video or message. My feeling is that people should be more knowledgeable about what they eat. I would have liked to see more facts in the video or links to where facts could be found, rather than a purely emotional appeal.

    However, having eaten Chipotle food, I don’t necessarily see them as an appropriate sponsor for this ad. (Basically, I’m underwhelmed by the quality of what I’ve eaten from them, to the point that I’ve actually refused free lunches there. In fairness, these comments are based on their store in Reston.)

  2. Although I can see why people are worried that this will increase the anxiety some people have about the food we eat, I think this is a very well done video because it does provoke something in us. I can see this video being very universal because although it does have English words and the song in the video is English, the story can be understood no matter where you live or what language you speak. Therefore, I can see this being effective anywhere in the world. Chipotle really captured the audience’s attention, even though the name Chipotle wasn’t even mentioned until the end of the video. I’m not really a big fan of Chipotle, but this makes me want to eat there now.

  3. Although critics believe this video will increase the anxiety of food conscious viewers, it is a great marketing tool to get the word out about what consumers put into their bodies. Many companies sell foods that ‘claim’ are organic and all natural even if it isn’t entirely true. I support this video and campaign Chipotle has come up with because it’s a simple, attractive, and affective way to let consumers know about the food industry now a days.

  4. I agree that this ad would affect people who are already concerned about food and are looking for alternatives. I don’t think this affects people who are accustomed to eating McDonald’s because almost everyone is aware of the fact that McD’s isn’t exactly the healthiest option, yet people eat it anyway. This ad is for people who are maybe looking for a healthy fast food option. Chipotle probably doesn’t want to be compared to the other ‘unhealthy’ fast food chains.

    Personally, I love Chipotle and knowing that they are standing up for real food makes me want to eat there more. The ad has an emotional appeal and forces people to reflect (even for a second) on what they are putting into their bodies.

  5. I think that Chiptole did a good job with their campaign video. It was creative approach with a simple message about using food products that are fresh and natural. The short animated video kept me captivated and entertained until the very end. I think if I didn’t already know that the video was for Chiptole, it would of been a surprise to me since they released the name of the company at the very end. I also liked how they incorporated a game that can be accessed and purchased in the Apple apps store. By doing this they are reaching out to the younger audiences who may be more interested in the Chiptole scarecrow game rather than the fact that the company strives for using natural ingredients in their food.

  6. When I watched the video for the first time I was waiting for the anxiety to hit; but it didn’t. Personally, I liked the Chipotle video; and although it may upset people it has a good message. Many people do not know the truth about where their food comes from, and to me that’s more scary than this video.

    I think it is a very effective tool to use because it caters to kids and adults, and it has convinced me to eat at Chipotle more.

  7. In an time where obesity is at an all time high, I feel like Chipotle did the right thing to expose the truth to the viewers. I personally do not think Chipotle is the healthiest option as it is (therefore the ad may be a bit hypocritical), but many people who consume fast food do not consider the risks that come along with it. They think it is a cheap fix and something that they can consume quickly that without a monetary burden. It is an affective ad in terms of bringing reality into the picture, but I do not think Chipotle would have been the best company to put this ad forward.

  8. It is clear why people would be anxious about what they eat just from watching the video. I personally was more disturbed but they way they portrayed the message. The music was the first thing that caught my attention. They used a song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which in its core is a dark movie with the development of the character of Willy Wonka. I realize that this is far from public opinion, and purely reflects my own thoughts. From a public stand point I understand the concern, but they showed information that is not new to anyone, they just decided to through it in the views face.

  9. I think this video accurately portrays chipotle. Many people want food fast that is wholesome and real. Chipotle delivers just that. That are a franchise chain that delivers real chicken, steak and beef cooked to order. They deliver there food fast and percisely. On top of all that the food can be considered a healthier alternative for most americans.

    I feel like this ad could have made the viewer a lot more anxious. Instead this video educates the viewer to not be so naive about where their food comes from . Chipotle is using great form of advertising here in my opinion.

    -Ian Morel

  10. I loved every second of this ad. Before watching the video, I expected to see a video filled with overwhelming statistics beating down processed foods, and characteristics that make Chipotle look better. I expected it to be direct. However, the video made me feel completely at peace. The video really drew me in and had my undivided attention. The soothing melody of Fiona Apple’s cover of “Pure Imagination” while showing the scarecrow’s depressing demeanor as he looked at all the locked up cows and “100% Beef-ish” products made us feel like we should only be eating at Chipotle and if we eat anywhere else we are “doing bad” as opposed to “doing good”. Creating a game will only attract more consumers, specifically from the younger crowds.

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