Last month, we blogged about the interest of consumers around the world in socially conscious companies.

Today, to further the discussion, we are offering the video below from Nielsen: “All companies want to do good, but is there a value in being socially responsible at the corporate level? The research says, yes, and consumers receptiveness is growing.”

Click the image to access the video.



VIDEO: The Value of Corporate Social Responsibility.

4 Replies to “Nielsen Video on the Value of Corporate Social Responsibility”

  1. I feel that when a company is showing that it has social responsibility it depicts that the acquisition of profit is not their main concern but also being of service to the community. When a consumers supports a socially responsible company it is quite conceivable that they feel that they are in turn playing a part of building a better community.

  2. I do believe that when a company advertises the good they’re doing for the world or “brand advertising”, they are definitely driving sales. However, I also believe that doing good is not the deciding factor. The product has to be high quality for the consumer to decide that he or she actually wants it. The social responsibility factor is just an extra little something that makes the consumer feel good about the purchase.

  3. I think it really depends on what the company is actually doing, how it will affect the sales of a company. If a company does good deeds only in the public eye it could mean that the company is only doing those deeds to attract customers and drive sales. However, if a company helps many foundations and does not announce all their contributions, they may have a better intention. The good deeds a company does have to really be looked at to determined the intentions of a company. It is important for all companies to do some kind of good deeds even if they are much smaller than other companies, because most companies have much more profit than charitable organizations.

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