Google is not just a technology and communications giant, it is also rated as the best place to work in Fortune’s 2013 ranking: “The Internet juggernaut takes the Best Companies crown for the fourth time, and not just for the 100,000 hours of subsidized massages it doled out in 2012. New this year are three wellness centers and a seven-acre sports complex, which includes a roller hockey rink; courts for basketball, bocce, and shuffle ball; and horseshoe pits.”

Why is this so vital? By hiring and retaining the best employees, Google is setting itself up for a very bright look-term future.

As James B. Stewart writes for the New York Times: “Google’s various offices and campuses around the globe reflect the company’s overarching philosophy, which is nothing less than ‘to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world,’ according to a Google spokesman, Jordan Newman.” For example, “Google lets many of its hundreds of software engineers, the core of its intellectual capital, design their own desks or work stations out of what resemble oversize Tinker Toys. Some have standing desks, a few even have attached treadmills so they can walk while working. Employees express themselves by scribbling on walls. The result looks a little chaotic, like some kind of high-tech refugee camp, but Google says that’s how the engineers like it.”

Click the photo of Google’s “Truck Pit’ cafeteria to read more.

Photo by Karsten Moran for the New York Times


7 Replies to “Attracting and Motivating Employees: Google Really Gets It!”

  1. Great article on Google, but one must be cautious about where the data came from to make it THE BEST company to work for in the world. I work within another industry and the company has touted that they are within the top 100 best companies to work for in the past 10 years. I want to know where Forbes did their research, as for the rank and file, the company I work for is the worst company to work for! I’ve been downsized 8 times in 10 years and have been a star performer for all ten years. I’m a little skeptical when I read these types of articles. My motto to everyone is believe it if you can see it! That being said, there is no doubt that when people feel safe and secure and well taken care of, they can be more productive, motivated and innovative. It behooves corporations to do everything they can to make the work environment a happy, safe and secure environment. Productivity and revenues will abound.

  2. I love when I hear new information about Google. Google, as a company fascinates me and the number of stories I’ve heard about their great working conditions and how their offices look almost makes me happy and I don’t even work there. I remember last spring a communication professor I had was teaching us about Google and said they even have slides extending from floor to floor so that workers can chose to slide down instead of taking an elevator or stairs. It is little things like this that can make a worker’s mood and the quality of their work more positive than negative. Partially agreeing with Marion, you don’t know what it really is like working there until you are there or experience things for yourself. No company is perfect but the more Google does, the more it continues to impress me.

  3. Can I work for Google? I didn’t know much about Google’s headquarters before reading this article, but their relaxed work environment seems like a fun place to work. I like the idea of the software engineers creating their own desks. It lets workers express themselves freely in their work environment. I think giving Google employees a fun, informal workplace helps with the creative process. However, too much of a good thing can turn out to be a bad thing. The employees might get easily distracted and they might not get their work done. On the other hand, I can see where these distractions can help with the creative process. Mr. Nevill-Manning said, “Google’s success depends on innovation and collaboration.” If being in this fun, creative environment gets work done, then more companies should follow Google’s lead.

  4. Google has really shown why it is such a great company to work for. Although I have heard that the interview process is grueling, the benefits of acquiring a position outweighs the negatives of that process. They are being successful by making the workers enjoy their stay at Google. People that enjoy the atmosphere and environment of their workplace tend to get things done more efficiently then people who despise their jobs.

  5. Google is one of my dream company to work for. There is a reason why they have been constantly growing and their profits are increasing. Having a fun and informal workplace, helps people wake up happier and have less stress. They will have better work ethic. I wish more and more companies learned from google and adapt to their work enviorment for employees.

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