Check out this interesting infographic from Wix. As Media Bistro notes: It “has a wealth of (admittedly often disparaging) social media statistics, facts, and figures from various platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Yelp, and MySpace.”


3 Replies to “Social Media Stereotypes: Ouch!”

  1. Now assuming we are about to work in a start-up company, according to this report, what we should do in terms of social media marketing? 1. set up linked-in and FB accounts for sure; 2. use Pinterest more often than Twitter, unless you have a brilliant idea to tweet; 3. get involved with reviewer friendly website because people are looking into this and probably buying into it when they about to try something; 4. NO DUCK FACE-like marketing, or don’t over- brag about your company.

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