Time magazine has just released its annual list of the best inventions of the year. For 2012, the magazine cites 25 inventions.

This is one example: “Marcin Jakubowski built a tractor in six days. Then, he told the world how to do it: he made the designs, the budget, and an instructional video available free online. A farmer and technologist and the founder of Open Source Ecology, Jakubowski has identified the 50 most important machines required for modern life — from the soil pulverizer to the oven — and is working to make a prototype of a low-cost DIY version of each so that anyone anywhere can build them. ‘If we can lower the barriers to farming, building, and manufacturing,’ he says, ‘then we can unleash massive amounts of human potential.’”

Click the image to see photos and descriptions of Time’s 2012 best inventions.

Isaiah Saxon — Open Source Ecology


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  1. It is good to see that inventors are finally coming through on the technological advancements that Hollywood has promised us for so long. I am interested to see how the hand talk invention will be received in the hearing impaired community as the cochlear implant has a negative reception.

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