Ever since MGM’s financial woes of a few years ago, many observers wondered what would happen to the now 50-year-old James Bond movie franchise.

But, fear not, “Bond, James Bond” is back and already booming overseas — with high expectations for the U.S. opening of Skyfall on Friday November 9.

According to Ray Subers, writing for Box Office Mojo: “After a very strong start overseas its first weekend, Skyfall expanded its reach to nearly every foreign market and scored an unbelievable $156 million. The 23rd James Bond movie has already earned $287 million, which makes it the third-highest-grossing Bond movie ever behind Daniel Craig’s previous two entries, and its well on its way to setting a new franchise record.”

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Really a Bond fan? Then, read this story about how MGM nearly died and how Daniel Craig helped to put together Skyfall: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/bond-franchise-daniel-craigs-skyfall-387238.


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  1. The success of the Bond franchise is that it draws from across many demographics, it has transcended generations, where The Dark Knight or The Avengers doesn’t as much. Having seen Skyfall this weekend, I think the writers hit the nail on the head with the story line, they paid tribute to 50 years of James Bonds, they didn’t alienate any demographic, by making the bad guy a specific group or country. By doing so, I think it was done on purpose so they can have good box-office numbers worldwide.

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