4 Replies to “The Holiday Shopping Season Starts EARLY!!”

  1. as the article said for main reason consumers choose shopping online, 24-hour continence, free shipping, crowds-in-store-avoiding and price comparable, I want add one more reason for e-shopping. — special offers, in some circumstance, special offer online has more value or choice; on the other hand, on-line shopping never comes as no special offers to purchase which send as it promotion. When you shop online, you can separate your order just match the deal condition to get more sample offer, this is more attract girls.

      1. oh, i always thought this is talking about thanks giving. so I thought it is naturally star at this time.

  2. I really looking forward to black Friday, and i think online shopping is a good creative, it brings lots of convenient for people all over the world, online shopping help people save much time, people can buy what they want at home, and the product have photos on the website, so people can choose the product through watching these photos, its similar to go shopping in real stores.

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