3 Replies to “Who Comprises the Blogger World?”

  1. I would have thought tumblr would have a higher share than word press as it is also a social networking platform and very popular with the millennial and new millennial generations. I am not surprised that so few make money from it when you think about the large amount of people who have a blog whether they use it frequently or sparingly.

  2. i just read an interesting point in this article, even 60% business people have business blog, there are 65% of them did not update blog one year or more. This point brings about two significant information, first one is the business blog is like a trend for business people. Have the blog could help social online, such as “like” others business blog to indicate you r in the certain social circle. Another information is that more people use the blog account to get others’ information but not post themselves. Because of most blog policy is must sign up to follow, so if someone want to follow the useful business blog he like, he should get an own blog account.

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