Recently, we have written a lot about this year’s holiday shopping. And today, we examine where people holiday shop in 2021. Unlike in 2020, there is more in-store shopping.


In the U.S.: Where People Holiday Shop in 2021

As Felix Richter reports for Statista:

Bargain hunters have started their quest for the best deals. Always looking to save a few bucks while spending a lot. Once again, analysts  expect record levels of E-commerce sales this holiday season. Yet, physical retail still plays a role to play during the holiday shopping season.

According to the¬†National Retail Federation’s Holiday Survey, consumers should spend an average of $997 over the holiday season. When it comes to where, they’ll be splashing the cash, With 57 percent of people saying they’d shop online. While 47 percent plan to go to a department store. 44 percent plan to shop at a discount store. And 43 percent will make holiday purchases in a grocery store.

Powering up the laptop,¬†opening a nice bottle of wine, and doing all of the holiday shopping online is a tempting option for many Americans. More than ever in light of the pandemic. However, it seems like physical stores still appeal to many shoppers. Especially during the holiday season, as the store radio plays holiday classics at full blast. And it’s easy to catch a bit a bit of holiday fever.

Now, look at the infographic.

Where People Holiday Shop in 2021


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