For those seeking a new job, we offer another great job search site.

This post complements the numerous career resources that we highlighted in 2020. For example:


From Chief Marketer: Another Great Job Search Site

Overall, Chief Marketer describes its Web site thusly:

Chief Marketer is an information hub connecting a global portfolio of more than a dozen marketing-focused brands including Event Marketer, AdExchanger, AdMonsters, Esports Business, Cynopsis, Multichannel Merchant, PR News, Studio Daily, and more. With an aggregate audience topping 1.1 million readers. Our content team scans the marketing universe and connects the dots between all of the marketing disciplines to forecast trends and educate marketers on what’s next and what the implications will be for their careers and their marketing organizations. We are a one-stop “power portal” for marketers that brings together ideas and perspectives from the industry at large. Our audience trusts our editors to curate information for them. So they don’t have to.

In addition, Chief Marketer offers an excellent career-centered set of resources. To access, two parts of the site, click each of the images. The first one links to the main career resources Web page. While the second image links to the job search Web page. You may search the latter page to see marketing jobs by job title and geographic area. 

Career Resources from Chief Marketer

Another Great Job Search Site

Job Search Resources from Chief Marketer 

Another Great Job Search Site


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