Here, we will cite links to all of the posts in our COVID-19 job series. In essence, a cumulative May 8 recap of our current career series.

In addition, we will present a link to a job-related resource that may be helpful to you. Today, we highlight Fairygodboss: As the largest career community for women, Fairygodboss has unique insights and proprietary data about what women are experiencing in the workplace. Please contact us if you would like to learn more: Click on the the Web screen shown below to gauge Fairygodboss’s scope.

May 8 Recap of Our Current Career Series


May 8 Recap of Our Current Career Series

In chronological order, these are the articles from this career series:

  • Resuming Your Career After COVID-19 We know that many of you are concerned about resuming your career after COVID-19. As a result, beginning next week we will offer several new posts to assist you going forward.
  • Properly Projecting YOUR Self-Brand Importantly, the first activity you should embark on is properly projecting YOUR self-brand. Then, every other career-related activity you undertake should flow from this one. Today, an overview of self-branding. With an easy-to-follow format to guide you. 
  • The Process for Projecting YOUR Self-Brand Now, we cover all the steps in more detail: the process for projecting YOUR self-brand. With lots of tips and examples. Including flowcharts, infographics, and video clips. 
  • Bonus Career Advice on Social Currency Social currency is the power and influence you yield in your social networking circle to influence the world around you. 
  • Job Status – What to Think About Right Now Before moving forward with long-term career planning, we need to consider what to think about right now. And act accordingly.
  • Resuming Your Career DURING COVID-19 Here, we look at one topic that may be stressing you if you need to find work as soon as possible.
  • FREE Career Books After a rigorous online search, we discovered these free career books. There should be at least one that is appealing to you.
  • Job Search Preparation — Your preparation depends on factors such as the stage of your career, your current job status, your desired career path, and the gap analysis you discovered during the self-branding process.
  • Job Search for New College Grads — Due to COVID-19, many new grads will need to restart the job search. And possibly turn to new career interests. Both time-consuming and anxiety-provoking activities.

Our process for self-branding follows. Read the article to read about each step. See how you fit in.

Recap of Our Current Career Series

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