Because of reader interest in the status of competitive salaries, we have written a lot about this topic. Most recently, we presented Salary Guides for 2021. For the current post, we focus on product management salaries for 2021.


From 280 Group: Product Management Salaries for 2021

280 Group provides a large amount of useful information related to product management. As an example, see A New Product Management Infographic.

Annually, 280 Group highlights salaries in product management. Nicole Solis highlights the 2021 general product manager salary data based on data reported by and in January 2021:

In the past five years, interest in product management roles  soared. A Google Trends analysis shows interest in the search term “product manager jobs” increasing by 104% since January 2016. With interest in “product manager salary” rising by 55%. And that’s no surprise. A product manager does meaningful work. As he or she is one of the most critical strategic drivers in a company, outside of the executive team. The unique role touches all aspects of the business. Involves a deep understanding of the customer’s pain points. And dishes out a high salary. But with great reward, comes great responsibility. Product managers are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of their products. Their contribution and direction help drive the success of high-performing organizations. And to their bottom line.

Next, we present four charts from 280 Group showing the range of product manager salaries. From entry-level to upper-level positions.

Entry-Level Product Manager

Product Management Salaries for 2021

Director of Product Management

Product Management Salaries for 2021
Vice-President of Product Management

Product Management Salaries for 2021
A Day in the Life of an Experienced Product Manager

Product Management Salaries for 2021

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