Today, we consider this provocative question: Would you give up a raise to work at home? Would YOU?

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New Survey: Would You Give Up a Raise to Work at Home?

For the typical U.S. worker, $30,000 seems like a lot of money. In exchange for working remotely. But, how do workers at major companies actually feel about this?

As Andy Medici reports for Business Journals:

Employees at some of the country’s largest and most well-known companies would rather permanently work from home than get a $30,000 a year raise. And survey results weren’t even close.

The survey, by anonymous professional network Blind, asked more than 3,000 employees on the platform if they would rather permanently work from home or get the extra cash. Indeed, 64% took work from home over the raise. The results come as companies large and small navigate a post-COVID world after having gone fully remote for much of the last year.  While employees are benefiting from a labor shortage.

Out of the roughly 45 companies represented in the Blind data, only two companies saw more employees choose the $30,000 over working from home. Only 47% of JPMorgan Chase & Co. employees would take the work-from-home option, and only 42% of Qualcomm employees would take working from home over the money.

Now, review this chart. Posted at Google Docs.

Would You Give Up a Raise to Work at Home?


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