Today , we look at the MIT Sloan Management Review on sustainability. It offers a series of articles on this very vital topic.

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Articles from the MIT Sloan Management Review on Sustainability

Through sponsorship by L&T Technology Services, the MIT Sloan Management Review is able to offer a complimentary download of these articles. To access the material, complete the simple login.

Articles included in this collection:

  • Can We Afford Sustainable Business? By Marco Bertini, John Pineda, Amadeus Petzke, and Jean-Manuel Izaret
  • How Supply Chain Transparency Boosts Business Value. By Tim Kraft and Yanchong Zheng
  • Four Myths About Unauthorized Subcontracting. By Felipe Caro, Leonard Lane, and Anna Sáez de Tejada Cuenca
  • Decarbonizing Our Toughest Sectors — Profitably. By Amory Lovins
  • Sustainability: Defining the Roadmap to a Green Future.  By L&T Technology Services.

As Elizabeth Heichler notes:

Indeed, many businesses want to be better corporate citizens. How? By reducing their environmental impact. And by improving conditions for workers. Activist consumers play a role in pushing companies to make positive changes.. In addition, visionary leaders themselves realize the growth opportunities that can come from pursuing such agendas.

MIT Sloan Management Review on Sustainability


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