As previously noted, we have covered numerous aspects of sustainability in various posts. Today, we conclude our two-part series on sustainability circa 2021. Yesterday, we examined seventeen sustainable development goals. Now, we look at 2021 marketing superstars of sustainability.


From Adweek: 2021 Marketing Superstars of Sustainability

If setting goals is our first step. Then, assigning responsibility for attaining them is the next step. While also recognizing excellence of performance. Thus, this post complements the one on sustainable development goals.


Recently, Adweek recognized a number of marketing superstars of sustainability. Reporting that:

Adweek has heard the drumbeat from our community of marketers for more than a year: To succeed in business and connect with consumers, brands must do good. These executives include many founders, CEOs, and C-suite pros. They tie doing good with business results. As a result, these marketers nd are pushing ahead in DEI, clean water, sustainable packaging, women’s rights and more. Each winner is tied to one of the U.N.’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — the most widely accepted blueprint for ensuring a healthy society.

Click the image to learn about all 17 of these sustainability gurus. Then, read below about one of them. The CEO of Ben & Jerry’s.

2021 Marketing Superstars of Sustainability
Each winner is tied to a U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. Kacy Burdette for Adweek


Ben & Jerry’s

With great pride, we highlight Matthew McCarthy, the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s. He earned his MBA at Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business. Where he was a student of mine in a product management class. 🙂

2021 Marketing Superstars of Sustainability

According to Paul Hiebert, writing for Adweek:

To chief executive Matthew McCarthy,  the events of 2020 only accelerated the need for brands to take a stand on social issues. “You can’t be neutral,” he says. Last year. Ben & Jerry’s demonstrated that belief with $3 million in donations to the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, a separate social justice organization that provides grants to progressive causes.

The brand also partnered with Vox Media to produce a podcast on racism in America. And it joined forces with Colin Kaepernick on a new flavor: Change the Whirled. A portion of the proceeds support the former NFL quarterback’s Know Your Rights Camp. In addition, McCarthy is committed to using the power of business to pursue what’s right and urges others to do the same. “In today’s world of hyper-transparency, companies who make their values clear will thrive,” he says.


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