Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have published dozens of posts on remote work. A strong level of such work remains and will continue into the future. Thus, we look at how to improve your work-from-home productivity.

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From Tommy John: Improve Your Work-from-Home Productivity

Yes, you read that right. The material presented below is drawn from Tommy John, the apparel maker.

According to the Tommy John Blog:

It’s nice to have the convenience to roll out of bed and onto a video call. Yet, there other ways ensure you get your work done. As well as maintain your mental well-being.

We focus on how to make the most of your work-from-home commute time. We’re not talking about the time it takes to walk from your bed to your desk. But rather, the time you spend in the car or on public transit if you must travel to your job site. 

The Importance of Repurposing Commute Time. Prior to the pandemic, the average American spent 35 minutes commuting to work every weekday. While this may seem like a trivial amount of time, it adds up to 152 hours — or 19 full workdays — every year. Now imagine what you could get done with 19 full workdays. From task scheduling to familiarizing yourself with industry news and terminology, that’s valuable time for anyone.

If you’re someone who feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, you need to be taking advantage of this time. Just like you used to get ready for the office by brushing your teeth and getting dressed in a pristine button down or jumper, you should also prep your mindset for a great day working from home. Rather than viewing working remotely as an opportunity to slack off or work in your underwear, think of it as a way to get a head start.

To help you make the most of a work-from-home commute, we’ve compiled 12 different productivity hacks to try before you begin working.  

Improve Your Work-from-Home Productivity


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