Due to its explosive growth, we have written a lot about remote work. Most recently, A Guide to Happier Remote Working. One aspect that have not yet covered — until today — is Internet safety while remote working.


Infographic Tips for Internet Safety While Remote Working

Thank you to The Zebra for the content and infographic below:

If you didn’t expect your kitchen table to turn into your new desk and meeting space, you’re not alone. COVID-19 brought a lot of unanticipated changes to work and home life this year. 

Sure, remote work was already on the rise before the pandemic — but social distancing measures caused a massive shift throughout the country and the world. Now, many companies are deciding whether they even want their office space, with productivity unaffected (or even on the rise) and workers delighted to skip the daily commute. 

With this new office setup comes new cybersecurity challenges, though. Family members can now listen in to phone calls and potentially gain access to work devices (or worse, personal devices with work on them) and home WiFi networks aren’t always outfitted with the same level of protection that the office is. 

Furthermore, bad agents online are taking advantage of the lack of security. Cybercrimes are up 300% since COVID-19, and company security liability insurance only covers some breaches that happen during remote work. So how do you stay secure while working from home? Practicing good digital hygiene is a good place to start. Follow the rules and be wary of requests that seem out of the ordinary. If something feels off online, it probably is. 

This infographic from The Zebra walks through common cyberattacks to look out for — such as man-in-the-middle and ransomware — as well as 10 ways to stay secure while dialing in online.

Internet Safety While Remote Working


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