During the pandemic, many found they really liked more job flexibility. As we move forward,  what are the opportunities for flexible jobs?

According to FlexJobs: “Work flexibility gives people control and freedom over when and where they work and is often adaptable to life changes. Flexible work can mean different things to different people, though, so it helps to break down the many types of flexible jobs and how each can benefit workers.”

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From Intuit Mint Life: Opportunities for Flexible Jobs

Intuit Mint Life offers a number of informative tips about flexible jobs. As well as a detailed infographic. [Shown below the text.] Furthermore, it identifies 80 flexible possibilities. With high earnings potential:

Although a nine-to-five job with a fixed schedule typically allows better predictability and stability, many prefer flexible work options that can provide a better work-life balance. Thankfully, with the advent of team communication software such as Zoom, the workplace is quickly changing and adapting. Nowadays, many high-paying careers allow the flexibility of working remotely, part-time, and even the possibility of freelance. Scroll down to the infographic for a quick visualization of the most flexible jobs available.

Flexible jobs allow you to balance your priorities in a less stressful manner and maintain a better work-life balance. Check out these 80 most flexible jobs that not only pay well, but will also match your lifestyle.

Note: All average hourly rate and median salary data reported are from the 2020 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Opportunities for Flexible Jobs


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