As we know, customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction plays a huge role in repeat purchase behavior. But a central question continues to be why consumers cancel companies,


Interesting Top Reason Why Consumers Cancel Companies

According to recent research by Statista, shoppers “cancel” companies for a variety of reasons. Katharina Buchholz reports that:

The number one reason to “cancel” a brand – or at least boycott or protest them – is the mistreatment of animals. Animal cruelty was named as the top reason why consumers would give up on a brand. In all three countries included in the Cancel Culture survey. Which is a content special of the Statista Global Consumer Survey. 44 percent of the more than 1,500 U.S. respondents said they would give companies mistreating animals the boot. That rated ahead of the mistreatment of workers at 41 percent. UK respondents saw things similarly. While in Germany, worker mistreatment only came in rank six after environmental harm, corruption, health concerns around products, and racism.

18 percent of U.S. respondents said they had boycotted a brand before over practices seen as unethical. 15 percent said they had spoken with their friends and family about their concerns around a brand. And 16 percent said they had posted about these concerns on social media. Only 21 percent of Americans said that they would never boycott a brand or otherwise attack them over their business practices. Yet, 50 percent said that they had actually never done so before.

Now, look at the Statista infographic.

Why Consumers Abandon Companies

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